What Do You Need To Consider When Designing a Set

Set design industry has a worldwide popularity. It involves interior designers along with many other professionals. What do you need to consider when designing a set are understanding script, space planning, lighting, material use, and budget. All these mentioned areas further demand niched expertise to create a flawless set design that is attractive and functional. … Read more

[4] Things You Should Know About Interior Designers?

Interior Designers are professionals who are trained to solve problems related to interior spaces. There are 4 basic things you should know about interior designers, like they are good in space planning, aesthetics, creating ambience and designing on a budget. Interior design is turning out to be profitable business, and people around the globe are … Read more

What Are Wall Fixtures? Wall Fixture Meaning and Uses

Wall fixtures are design elements, objects, and lights you attach to the wall for enhancing it’s beauty and visual appearance. Interior design primarily aims to increase function and aesthetics of residential and commercial spaces. Interior designers come up with unique ideas to treat walls, floors and ceiling in an interior space. Understanding interior design discpline … Read more

Is Concrete Furniture Good? Yes! and Here is Why

is concrete furniture good

Is concrete furniture good? Well, yes concrete furniture is good as it is an unconventional material that displays characteristics like strength, style and durability. Interior design industry is growing rapidly around the globe. It is the continues change in concepts and products that is driving the growth of interior design and related industries. Interior and … Read more

Is Glossy Furniture In Style? (Answered)

Glossy furniture reflects the taste of certain class of people who like shiny furniture surface, it is not in trend with most of interior designers. Furniture is an important item in every house ,and therefore is used according to the taste of people. Furniture mostly is functional, but it also serves as a decorative accent … Read more

Does Furniture Polish Damage Wood? (Explained)

Wood is a natural material that has a certain life cycle. Various wood types are used in interior and furniture industries. The answer to question does furniture polish damage wood is simply “No”. Furniture Polish protects wood in many ways from external factors like humidity and temperature. Wood furniture is used as an essential product … Read more

Is American Furniture Modern? (Answered)

is American furniture modern

Is American Furniture Modern? Well, contemporary American furniture is modern with mostly focusing on simplicity, style and comfort. American furniture has a long historic period trail. Throughout historic timeline American furniture has been evolving with time and technology. Furniture being an essential item for residential and commercial spaces has a strong presence. In this brief … Read more

Why Wood is Still The Best Material? (Interesting Facts)

Wood is definitely the most commonly used material in interior and exterior construction. The answer to why wood is still the best material is due to its cost effectiveness, easy availability in most parts of the world and it provides easy to use surface for variety of tasks. Interior designers, architects, builders and contractors prefer … Read more