How Do Interior Designers Choose Materials? (Explained)

Interior design has become a challenging field for designers and contractors when it comes to selecting materials. Interior designers choose materials according to residential and commercial project and clients requirements. The fast and rapid research and advancement in technology has given birth to various composite materials to facilitate interior designers. Architects and interior designers now … Read more

What Do You Need To Consider When Designing a Set

Set design industry has a worldwide popularity. It involves interior designers along with many other professionals. What do you need to consider when designing a set are understanding script, space planning, lighting, material use, and budget. All these mentioned areas further demand niched expertise to create a flawless set design that is attractive and functional. … Read more

What is a Modern Living Room?

What is modern living room? Well the answer is simply a room that follows minimalist approach in it’s concept of decor, choice of furniture, fixtures and accessories. We all love interior design especially when it gives us interesting solutions in decorating our home. Most of people like simple yet elegant things around their house. The … Read more

What is Interior Design? – Guide to Understanding Interior Design

what is interior design

What is interior design can be answered simply, as the art and science of creating functional and aesthetically pleasing interior spaces that serve the requirements of the habitants. Interior design is a rapidly growing industry, knowing about interior design from a professional and students perspective is important. Interior design practice has its roots embedded deep … Read more