Does Oiling Wood Seal It? (Real Truth)

does oiling wood seal it

Wood is a natural material that is used in almost every home. Interior designer use wood in variety of ways. Protecting wood from external damages need to be handled smartly. Rubbing oil on wood is beneficial to it in a few very obvious ways. Oil makes wood water resistant as water penetrate through very tiny … Read more

Is Concrete Furniture Good? Yes! and Here is Why

is concrete furniture good

Is concrete furniture good? Well, yes concrete furniture is good as it is an unconventional material that displays characteristics like strength, style and durability. Interior design industry is growing rapidly around the globe. It is the continues change in concepts and products that is driving the growth of interior design and related industries. Interior and … Read more

Does Furniture Polish Damage Wood? (Explained)

Wood is a natural material that has a certain life cycle. Various wood types are used in interior and furniture industries. The answer to question does furniture polish damage wood is simply “No”. Furniture Polish protects wood in many ways from external factors like humidity and temperature. Wood furniture is used as an essential product … Read more

Is American Furniture Modern? (Answered)

is American furniture modern

Is American Furniture Modern? Well, contemporary American furniture is modern with mostly focusing on simplicity, style and comfort. American furniture has a long historic period trail. Throughout historic timeline American furniture has been evolving with time and technology. Furniture being an essential item for residential and commercial spaces has a strong presence. In this brief … Read more

Why Wood is Still The Best Material? (Interesting Facts)

Wood is definitely the most commonly used material in interior and exterior construction. The answer to why wood is still the best material is due to its cost effectiveness, easy availability in most parts of the world and it provides easy to use surface for variety of tasks. Interior designers, architects, builders and contractors prefer … Read more

Is Barcelona Chair Comfortable – (2) Main Reasons To Buy

Is Barcelona Chair Comfortable? Yes, Barcelona Chairs back angle, dimensions and material makes it a comfortable chair to buy. They are an evergreen choice for period furniture lovers. Barcelona chair creator (1929): Mies van der Rohe’s  Barcelona chairs are known as mid century modern icon. Barcelona chairs are perfect for executive office and modern lounges. … Read more

Are Windsor Chairs Outdated? (Answered)

Are Windsor chairs outdated? Well, they can never go out of style as they carry historic importance and class of their own. Furniture styles carry a great influence in interior design and decor. Interior designers use period furniture in their projects to bring in a statement of style and class. There are number of reasons … Read more

Does Interior Design Includes Furniture? (Explained)

Does Interior design include furniture? Well, yes it does, as furniture is a key element in space planning of a room. Interior design is an art and science of planning interior spaces and creating an ambience. Interior design has evolved into an interesting and creative field. It provides solution for many areas within a house. … Read more