What All Comes Under Interior Designing? (Explained)

What all comes under interior designing? Well, space planning, and creating beautiful ambience are included in interior design. We will dig into the details later in the article. Interior design is a rapidly growing profession. Worldwide easy access to interior design industry news and happenings has made it a challenging profession. Interior designers also look … Read more

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[4] Things You Should Know About Interior Designers?

Interior Designers are professionals who are trained to solve problems related to interior spaces. There are 4 basic things you should know about interior designers, like they are good in space planning, aesthetics, creating ambience and designing on a budget. Interior design is turning out to be profitable business, and people around the globe are … Read more

Is Glossy Furniture In Style? (Answered)

Glossy furniture reflects the taste of certain class of people who like shiny furniture surface, it is not in trend with most of interior designers. Furniture is an important item in every house ,and therefore is used according to the taste of people. Furniture mostly is functional, but it also serves as a decorative accent … Read more

Are Luxury Apartments Worth It? (Yes and Here is Why)

The idea of living in comfortable house or an apartment has been evolving rapidly. Are luxury apartments worth it? The question many people with handsome money ask themselves. Well, to be honest if you have ample money to afford a luxury apartment, just go for it, you won’t regret the decision. There are many reasons … Read more

Is Interior Design Profitable? Yes, And Here is How

Well, yes interior design is a profitable business as designer usually keep 30-40% as profit margin in projects. Interior design business is creative, interesting, yet full of challenges. You can make good money annually in jobs as well as in business. There are number of factors that makes interior design business beneficial like good knowledge … Read more

What is a Good Thesis Topic? Answered For Students

Interior design degree completion requires students to work on their final project called thesis. Thesis is what portrays students learnt skills in years of stay in college. A good thesis topic must be unique in concept and solve individual’s or societies needs. Interior design is becoming more of an advanced practice of combination of areas. … Read more

What is a Modern Living Room?

What is modern living room? Well the answer is simply a room that follows minimalist approach in it’s concept of decor, choice of furniture, fixtures and accessories. We all love interior design especially when it gives us interesting solutions in decorating our home. Most of people like simple yet elegant things around their house. The … Read more

Gothic Interior Design Characteristics & History Explained

Gothic style interior design is a popular and an evergreen style from historic period timeline that reflects highly decorative and ornamental design approach. Interior design is an interesting field that is gaining popularity worldwide with new, and old concepts executed smartly. Interior designers use different period styles for decorating modern interiors. Among many styles Gothic … Read more

What Tools Do Set Designers Use? [Top] 5 Tools Explained

What Tools Do Set Designers Use

Set Designers are getting appreciated worldwide with an increased demand in stage, movies/TV, games and theater industries. Set Designers use variety of tools like AutoCAD, Photoshop, and SketchUp, etc. to visualize, plan and execute set design projects. These tools are used to create concept sketches, thumbnail sketches, set design models, etc. Set design is an … Read more