What is Soft Furnishing Material? (Explained)

What is Soft Furnishing Material? Well, fabric is made of natural and synthetic fibers. These two types are the basic furnishing materials. Generally people misunderstand furnishing materials as products like cushions, curtains and table runners etc. Cushions and curtains, etc. along with other items are types of furnishings and not the materials. Soft furnishings are … Read more

What Fabric Looks Good With Leather? (Answered)

What fabric looks good with leather? Well, the answer is not tricky, velvets are a perfect blend with leather for number of reasons. Fabrics in residential and commercial interior spaces have a strong presence. Interior design is a combination of different design elements put together to create a pleasing ambience. Fabrics, leather, rugs and carpets … Read more

Polyester Curtain Fabric Facts You Should Know

Polyester Curtain Fabric

Polyester curtain fabric is a popular material for dressing windows. Interior designers use variety of materials in an interior environment. Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is manufactured from petroleum, and later converted into yarn. Textile woven in this yarn are named as polyester. Window treatments are carried out through the use of many creative … Read more

Off White Blackout Curtains – Do They Work?

off white blackout curtains

Off white blackout curtains are used by interior designers worldwide as a convenient way of block sunlight. Drapes that are double-lined and densely woven are commonly referred to as blackout curtains. Blackout curtains are designed to totally block out light. Only through gaps around the window can light enter a room with blackout drapes. Off … Read more

What are Soft Furnishings? Definition and Types You Should Know

what are soft furnishings

What are soft furnishings are easy to understand as they refer to any textile materials with a soft feel. Soft furnishings range from different fabrics to leather. Soft furnishing definition as per dictionaries in general is any product made out of cloth or fabric and leather. This includes finished goods like cushions, curtains, and upholstery … Read more