How to Start Interior Design Thesis Projects

Interior Design Thesis Projects

How to start interior design thesis projects is a crucial step for students. Starting an interior design project needs sequential steps from selecting topic, visualizing it, and than executing it masterfully. Students thesis project is a milestone that reflects their hard work through out the year. Students can start interior design thesis projects by following … Read more

Can Interior Designers Become Set Designer? (Explained)

Can Interior Designers Become Set Designer

Can interior designers become set designers? Well, yes interior designers can practice as set designers as both of them make spaces beautiful and purposeful. Interior design is all about creating functional spaces and making them as per the requirements of clients. These designed spaces are purposeful. Set designing industry is also a rapidly growing industry … Read more

Do Architects Use SketchUp? Yes! And Here is Why

do architects use SketchUp

Do architects use SketchUp? Well, yes it is a popular software liked by architects and interior designers. Architects mainly use SketchUp software to convert 2D architectural and interior drawings into 3D through “Pull and Push” tools. Architects and interior designers use Sketchup for creating 3d models of residential, commercial buildings and making landscapes. SketchUp has … Read more

Indoor Glass French Doors – Everything You Need To Know

Interior Glass French Doors

Indoor glass French doors is not a new term to know. Interior designers have been using French doors in their projects since long. Residential and commercial interior design projects have French doors with glass as an evergreen solution when it comes to selecting interior doors. Indoor glass French doors are easily available online and offline. … Read more

Should I Paint Ceiling White [Answered]

should I paint ceiling white

Should I paint ceiling white? the answer is it depends entirely on you. Ceilings generally are painted white for a reason. Interior designers as a rule of thumb have been painting ceilings white. In general ceilings are either painted white or a shade darker than the color of walls. If you are painting the room … Read more

What is Good Quality Industrial Design? Explained

What is good industrial design

What is good industrial design? Well, the answer is pretty simple a good industrial design fulfills functionality and aesthetic requirements of users. experiences. Industrial design definition refers to the designing of products/objects/devices, we use in our daily lives. Industrial design is also called as commercial design. These products have been based on needs, luxury, entertainment, … Read more

Checklist for Interior Design Planning – Make It Like a Pro

The checklist for interior design planning will guide you about making a list of things from selecting a design theme or style, space planning requirements, color schemes, mood board to budget considerations. A checklist for interior design planning helps in setting priorities of tasks and schedule them accordingly. Interior design is the art of creating … Read more

Magic of Textures in Interior Design: Explained in Detail

Textures in interior design can be seen in a variety of ways. Interior design is a combination of many creative activities that reflect a certain theme. There are many elements of design collectively contributing towards the creation of an ambiance.     The texture is one of the basic key element which adds an interesting touch … Read more