What Projects Are Part of Commercial Design?

Interior designers and architects work on two basic types of projects. These two types are residential and commercial projects. What Projects Are Part of Commercial Design? Well, all places like banks, shops, offices, schools and hospitals etc, are commercial spaces. On the other hand residential projects are mainly living spaces, and are further divided into … Read more

Interior Design Lessons Free 01 – Learn Interior Design Basics

Interior design is a popular and profitable field worldwide. The global access to information about every professional field has become easier. Interior design lessons free will cover series of lectures on different interior design topics. The interior design topics covered in this series are aligned with courses taught in interior design colleges. Learning interior design … Read more

What Are Research Strategies?Top [5] Types of Research.

What are research strategies? Refers to the ways and action steps researchers design to reach a final result/conclusion for a given research question. Research is an interesting investigative way to reach a solution. Research is essentially done by every professional during their practice as a logical system to answer questions. It is very important to … Read more

What is Research in Interior Design? Research Definition

research in interior design

Interior design is an interesting yet very challenging field that requires interior designers to deliver their best. Research in interior design refers to studying, analyzing, investigating and solving interior space functional and aesthetic related concerns. Residential and commercial interior design is a lot more then conceiving an idea and implementing it. Research by default is … Read more

What Does Details Mean in Interior Design?

The answer to what does details mean in interior design is simply giving attention to treatments of interior spaces that adds up in creating an attractive and pleasing visual impact. Interior design ambience is a combination of many factors taken into calculated consideration. Creating functional and aesthetically attractive spaces is an art in itself that … Read more

What is Sustainable Interior Design Thesis? – Explained

Sustainable Interior Design Thesis

Sustainable interior design concepts are getting appreciated among students as an evergreen way of creating eco friendly environments. Sustainable Interior design thesis refers to producing final year thesis project that is based on eco friendly construction materials, and sustainable environments based on products that can be recycled and reused causing less or no harm to … Read more

What Is The Most Important Thing In Interior Design?

What Is The Most Important Thing In Interior Design

What is the most important thing in interior design? Well, without any second thoughts perfect functional space planning is the most important thing in interior design projects. Interior design is an art and science of creating functional spaces along with an attractive ambience. Interior designing has been evolving over so many years providing unique and … Read more

What Styles Can You Mix With Industrial?

What Styles Can You Mix With Industrial

What styles can you mix with industrial? Well, industrial style interiors are timeless as they can be mixed with a few other interior styles like rustic, modern and vintage, etc. without any difficulty. Industrial style reflects the look of barn house, factories, mills and warehouses environments. Blending different interior style is generally named as eclectic … Read more

What is Space Layout in Interior Design? Space Planning Explained

space layout

Interior Space Layout refers to the the way interior spaces are planned by placing furniture and accessories. Space layout is the initial and very important step in starting any residential and commercial interior project by zoning spaces. Interior design is a profession that is all about efficient space planning, creating them beautiful and functional. This … Read more

Interior Design Services – A Complete List With Description

Interior Design Services

Interior Design Services include a number of task from planning interior spaces to managing the overall decor of the project. Interior Design industry is growing in multiple dimension and therefore it incorporates a lot of professional opportunities. Interior designers in modern world provide different services online and offline to their clients worldwide. There are a … Read more