Does Oiling Wood Seal It? (Real Truth)

does oiling wood seal it

Wood is a natural material that is used in almost every home. Interior designer use wood in variety of ways. Protecting wood from external damages need to be handled smartly. Rubbing oil on wood is beneficial to it in a few very obvious ways. Oil makes wood water resistant as water penetrate through very tiny … Read more

What All Comes Under Interior Designing? (Explained)

What all comes under interior designing? Well, space planning, and creating beautiful ambience are included in interior design. We will dig into the details later in the article. Interior design is a rapidly growing profession. Worldwide easy access to interior design industry news and happenings has made it a challenging profession. Interior designers also look … Read more

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What is Soft Furnishing Material? (Explained)

What is Soft Furnishing Material? Well, fabric is made of natural and synthetic fibers. These two types are the basic furnishing materials. Generally people misunderstand furnishing materials as products like cushions, curtains and table runners etc. Cushions and curtains, etc. along with other items are types of furnishings and not the materials. Soft furnishings are … Read more

How Do Interior Designers Choose Materials? (Explained)

Interior design has become a challenging field for designers and contractors when it comes to selecting materials. Interior designers choose materials according to residential and commercial project and clients requirements. The fast and rapid research and advancement in technology has given birth to various composite materials to facilitate interior designers. Architects and interior designers now … Read more

What Projects Are Part of Commercial Design?

Interior designers and architects work on two basic types of projects. These two types are residential and commercial projects. What Projects Are Part of Commercial Design? Well, all places like banks, shops, offices, schools and hospitals etc, are commercial spaces. On the other hand residential projects are mainly living spaces, and are further divided into … Read more