What is The Best Paint Finish For Interior Walls? [Explained]

What is The Best Paint Finish For Interior Walls

What is the best paint finish for interior walls? The simple answer is matte paint finish especially flat eggshell finish, as it looks more formal and elegant. Interior design industry is evolving and using all unique ideas and products for better functionality and aesthetics. Paint finishes over the years have evolved rapidly offering many choices … Read more

Is Industrial Style Still Popular? – Answered

Is-industrial Style Still Popular

Is industrial style still popular? Well! Yes, industrial style in interior design is popular because of its raw, looks in furniture, accessories, and the interior environment (ambience). Industrial style is being used widely as per the demand of clients. Interior design is a rapidly growing industry. It incorporates many new concepts and ideas of using … Read more

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Why is Minimalist Interior Design So Popular? – Answered

Why is Minimalist Interior Design So Popular

Interior design is an art and science of handling interior spaces. Minimalist interior design is popular because of its approach to decluttered space, light weight sleek furniture, crisp and neat layout, soft color combinations and the philosophy of less is more. Minimalist interior design style is getting popularity due to many factors. Modern technology has … Read more

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Is SketchUp good For Interior Design? – Explained

Is SketchUp good For Interior Design

Is SketchUp good For Interior Design? The answer is yes, SketchUp is a powerful 3D tool which is used for quick 3D model making and visualizations. It is popular and widely used by interior designers. Architects and interior designers. Interior designers need to equip themselves with the latest tools like SketchUp. Interior design is rapidly … Read more

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How to Start Interior Design Thesis Projects

Interior Design Thesis Projects

How to start interior design thesis projects is a crucial step for students. Starting an interior design project needs sequential steps from selecting topic, visualizing it, and than executing it masterfully. Students thesis project is a milestone that reflects their hard work through out the year. Students can start interior design thesis projects by following … Read more

Can Interior Designers Become Set Designer? (Explained)

Can Interior Designers Become Set Designer

Can interior designers become set designers? Well, yes interior designers can practice as set designers as both of them make spaces beautiful and purposeful. Interior design is all about creating functional spaces and making them as per the requirements of clients. These designed spaces are purposeful. Set designing industry is also a rapidly growing industry … Read more

Do Interior Designers Design Furniture? (Answered)

do interior designers design furniture

Interior designers perform a number of different tasks to make sure what they design looks good. Do Interior designers design furniture? The answer is simply yes, they can design furniture to improve the spacial functionality. We will explore why interior designers design furniture in the later half of the article. Interior design is a big … Read more

Do Architects Use SketchUp? Yes! And Here is Why

do architects use SketchUp

Do architects use SketchUp? Well, yes it is a popular software liked by architects and interior designers. Architects mainly use SketchUp software to convert 2D architectural and interior drawings into 3D through “Pull and Push” tools. Architects and interior designers use Sketchup for creating 3d models of residential, commercial buildings and making landscapes. SketchUp has … Read more

Artwork For Bedroom: Everything You Should Know

artwork for bedroom

Artwork For bedroom refers to paintings, drawings, illustrations and sculptures that can enhance the decorative appeal of the bedroom. Interior designers and decorators use many unique and creative ways to enhance the beauty of rooms. Home decorating is an art that requires a masterful eye and taste for aesthetics. Aesthetics is all about the pleasure … Read more