What Projects Are Part of Commercial Design?

Interior designers and architects work on two basic types of projects. These two types are residential and commercial projects. What Projects Are Part of Commercial Design? Well, all places like banks, shops, offices, schools and hospitals etc, are commercial spaces.

On the other hand residential projects are mainly living spaces, and are further divided into subcategories such as town houses, apartments, villas, and mansions, etc.

Commerical projects as mentioned are divided into sub categories as per their audience and nature of services they provide.

Commercial projects have a different set of requirements in comparison to residential projects.

The flow of people for getting a particular service is very high at commercial spaces.

This short article will explore about types of commercial project.

List of Commercial Projects

  • Banks

Banks is a place where money transactions are made through an account. It is a highly human traffic flow area where commercial activity is performed.

Interior designers and architects design banks keeping in view the requirements of services it provides.

  • Shops

Shops are yet another highly public flow spaces to buy goods. Shops are included in commercial projects with a set of unique characteristics.

Shops are designed according to what service and products they offer to public.

  • Schools

Schools is a place that involves variety of learning activities. Schools are considered as commercial projects.

  • Offices

Offices are commercial projects that involve high people flow. Offices provide services and demand highly functional and productive design considerations.

  • Restaurants

Restaurants are most popular commercial activity area that recipe es very high ratio of public flow.

Restaurants have a commercial flow of people and its design demands relaxing environment.

  • Hospitals 

Hospital is a commercial design that demands very careful and professional design treatments. The commercial activity at hospitals is very sensitive.

  • Sport Facilities

Sports facilities are another popular commercial project spaces. They are a combination of stadium, offices, guest rooms, players room and cafeteria.

  • Industrial vacenities

Industrial structures and factories are yet another in demand commercial spaces. These have infrastructure of their own.

These commercial design projects demand a good amount of money for their construction.

This is a small list of what are included in commercial project. Commercial design has altogether a different set of design demand.

Commercial projects are an important asset of society that contribute to the economical growth of a country.

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Written by: Adil Masood Qazi