What is Zen Decoration? Concepts and Characteristics

Interior decorating is an important part in the building of interior design projects. We all love to see our house beautifully decorated. Zen decoration is all about using natural elements (soil, stone, water, plants, etc) and colors that are in hormony with nature.

Zen is a philosophy that has its roots embedded deep in nature. Nature has always been an ultimate source of providing peace and clamness to human mind.

This brief article will focus on exploring what is zen decoration and the characteristics that define Zen concept.

So, let’s dive in..

Zen is a school of Mahayana Buddhism, the concept was given birth in China. The goal of Zen concept is to meditate about stillness and mindfulness.

The concept of Zen was havevily practiced in Japan with intentions of being in harmony with nature for serine lifestyle.

Interior designers and decorators practice Zen concept in their projects with a very positive outcomes.

Let’s explore the concept and characteristics of Zen home decoration style.

The Japanese Zen practice of living with the less and being in harmony with nature is the ultimate concept of Zen decorating and interior style.

Nature has many beneficial materials and environmental concepts for inspiration for interior decorators.

Zen character of decoration is to incorporate natural materials like light, sounds, plantation and other elements such as soil, stone sand and water into  house.

The primary intention of Zen is to bring peace and positive vibes into people lifestyle by incorporating these natural driven decor and home styling items.

Before we dive in further, let’s list out some of the characteristics of Zen decoration

Zen Decoration Characteristics and Decor Items

  • Use of earthy colors and it’s tones (calm neutral colors)
  • Use of natural elements like soil, stones and water
  • Natural materials in the manufacturing of furniture and fabrics
  • Decorative pieces made out of natural materials like clay, metal and stone
  • Creating indoor plantation (indoor landscape)
  • Uncluttered space (minimalist interior style)
  • Natural sound of wind (wind chimes)
  • Use of ceramic decor (Pots and sculpture pieces)
  • Bonsai and bamboo decor
  • Rock salt lamps
  • Japanese lanterns
  • Sheer curtains
  • Metal Yin Yang decor
  • Aura meditation fountain
  • Buddha statue
  • Meditative and nature based paintings

These are just of the Characteristics and items that can give a reflection of Zen decoration.

Zen decoration creates a mood that is serine, calm and relaxing. The natural elements when brought indoors have a positive affects on human behaviour.

You can renovate home interior, and replace all the synthetic and composite materials with natural materials by practicing Zen philosophy.

Natural materials and elements as ancient Zen practice suggest are the best way for us to being close to nature.

Zen decoration is getting popular as more people have started appreciating it’s ultimate goal of creating calm and peaceful ambience.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi