What Are Wall Fixtures? Wall Fixture Meaning and Uses

Wall fixtures are design elements, objects, and lights you attach to the wall for enhancing it’s beauty and visual appearance.

Interior design primarily aims to increase function and aesthetics of residential and commercial spaces.

Interior designers come up with unique ideas to treat walls, floors and ceiling in an interior space.

Understanding interior design discpline encircles many things from creative concepts, unique products and masterful executions to create an overall ambience.

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Beauty and attractiveness of walls are enhanced through many ways.

Installing wall fitting is the most commonly practiced way of treating walls by interior designers and decorators.

This short article will explore about wall fixtures as an interior design wall treatment to increase the aesthetics of walls.

So, let’s dive in..

Wall Fixtures? A Quick Inside

The word fixture by default means some kind of element that is fixed on to the surface of another object or thing it could be walls, ceilings or even a furniture piece.

In interior design language wall fitting points in general to lights, moldings, and decorative sculptural elements attached to any wall.

The key purpose of attaching or installing such fixture elements of design to any wall is to uplift its beauty and presence within a room.

Interior designers come up with creative ideas of attaching various fixtures on the walls.

With increased experimentation in home decor the evolution of feature walls has given rise to so many types of wall fixtures.

Sometimes these wall fixtures are nothing more than a decorative add on.

Whereas sometimes they really play an important functional role as wall fixtures.

These wall fittings are available in a variety of materials. The are mostly installed in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, lobby and entrance halls.

Wall fixtures vary in their use in commercial spaces and residential spaces.

In commercial spaces wall fixtures mostly are used to support the product display installations. For example wall brackets.

Whereas in residential spaces wall fixtures are used typically to create an ambience, for example, wood molding.

People in general have a misconception about wall fixture to be as switches and lights. This is not true, fixture could have a technical, functional or a decorative use.

List of Wall Mounted Fittings

Here is a short list of Wall Mounted Fixtures that serves various purposes.

  • Wall sconces (Light with decorative embellishments)
  • Wall molding (carved with patterns and plain)
  • Switches (plain and decorative)
  • Picture lights
  • Wall mounted brackets (for holding display installations)
  • Decorative elements, objects and wall mounted sculptures

These are just a few major wall fixtures that are commonly used in residential and commercial interiors.

These wall fixtures in various designs and materials become necessary while creating an ambience of the room.

Interior designers use these functional and decorative wall fittings smartly according to space, and decorating style of the rooms.

So, if you want your walls to create a significant visual impact try experimenting with different wall fixtures.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi