What All Comes Under Interior Designing? (Explained)

What all comes under interior designing? Well, space planning, and creating beautiful ambience are included in interior design. We will dig into the details later in the article.

Interior design is a rapidly growing profession. Worldwide easy access to interior design industry news and happenings has made it a challenging profession.

Interior designers also look for ways to increase their scope of work to stay ahead of the competition.

They update their expertise in covering diversified areas that are attached with interior design.

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This short article will explore what is included in interior designing.

So, let’s dive in..

What All Comes Under Interior Designing? List of Works Interior Designers Do 

Interior design profession as mentioned above is growing fast with the emergence of new technologies, materials products, and concepts.

Interior designing now include a number of work areas, or you can say the scope of interior designers work has become very diversified.

The primary goal of interior designers is to create functional spaces and beautiful ambience.

Interior designers practice a lot of other tasks related to space planning and creating ambience for residential and commercial projects.

while studying interior designing they get trained in diversified subjects that directly and indirectly link to interior design.

Interior design education help them to professionally increase their scope of work.

Professional Tasks Included in Interior Designing

  • Client dealing

Interior designers train themselves in the skill of communication so that they can deal with client.

Client dealing is one of the most important skill that falls in interior designing profession.

Like any other profession satisfying client and pursuing them to hire you as interior designer needs clear and impressive communication.

Therefore, client dealing is the very first thing that falls under interior designing.

  • Site Visits and Survey

Interior design project site Visits and Survey of the site also comes under interior designing.

Once the interior design project gets approved interior designer has to visit the site frequently to judge the scope of work and to to deal with visualization of the site.

  • Visualization

Visualization is the key practice that interior designer do. They visualize the concepts for commercial and residential projects.

Visualization is a skill that is very much needed for a successful interior design practice.

  • Space Planning

Space planning is the heart of the project. This is one of the prime activity that falls under interior designing.

Interior designers make plans and elevations of the site to zone out spaces.

Every room with in a house has a particular function, and interior designers plan spaces accordingly.

  • Using Software

Latest technology has opened many diversified option to work on as interior designers.

Using 2d and 3d software is a must learn skill for interior designers.

Therefore, using Software to facilitate design activities is what interior designers also do on daily basis.

  • Making Mood and Material Boards

Creating mood boards to represent what mood each room in a house would represent is the task of interior designers.

Making material boards are also an important part of interior designers professional activities.

  • Selection of Color Schemes

Color have an upfront impact on the viewers. Smart selection of Colors of various items from fabric, furniture, wall paints, to decorative accessories is the task performed by interior designers.

  • Selection of Furniture

Furniture is an unavoidable item in any house. Selection of furniture also comes under interior designing.

  • Selection of Soft Furnishing

Soft furnishing generally refer to items like curtains, upholstery fabrics, bedding, table runners, fabric wall hangings etc that are made of cloth.

Choosing soft furnishings for rooms also comes under interior designing.

  • Flooring and other Fixtures

Flooring of different types as suggested by interior designers also comes under interior designing.

The above mentioned scope of work list are the main considerations that are taken in to account by interior designers.

Attached to these main responsibilities there are many minor tasks that interior designers handle as routine assignments.

As said earlier interior design is a rapidly growing industry and with high quality competition the scope of interior designers is becoming diversified day by day.

Written by: Adil Masood. Qazi