How Do You Maintain a Fur Rug? (Explained)

Fur rugs are a popular and an evergreen trend in modern interior design. Both commercial and residential modern spaces appreciates fur rugs as an essential addon. Fur rugs are delicate and need to be maintained and cleaned carefully by brushing, and shaking daily.

Fur rugs are easily available through popular sites like Amazon in different sizes and materials.

This brief article will explore a few ways you will be able to maintain your fur rugs.

Maintaining a Fur Rug 

Before jumping into maintaining and cleaning part of your fur rug, it is very important to know some popular materials that makes for a fur rug.

You will clean and maintain more effectively if you know the materials of fur rugs.

Natural Fur Rug Materials

  • Sheepskin
  • Mink
  • Fox
  • Beaver
  • Bear

Faux Fur Rug Materials

Faux means artificial, there are many modern materials that make for good faux rugs. These artificial materials are piled up to imitate the look of fur.

Modern technology has made it possible for these artificial materials to look as smooth and luxurious as natural Fur rugs.

  • Polyester
  • Acrylic
  • Cotton
  • Composite fibers

The cleaning of these two materials vary as they have different characteristics and properties.

Cleaning Natural and Faux Fur Rugs

Washing: washing natural fur rugs can be done preferably by hand (dry bath method) with warm water

(40°C – 150° F)

You can use non biological powder or natural wool shampoo. Once the fur rug naturally dries, slightly vacuum it making sure you don’t press too hard on fur. You do not need to wash the fur rug frequently.

Shake Fur Rug 

The next best thing to keep the natural fur rug is to shake it regularly outside to throw dust and other pollutants out.

You can shake it twice in a day depending on the foot fall on it. Just shake it and tap it gently at the back coating of fur rug.

Brush Fur Rug

Brushing your fur rug twice a week also help maintain the fur. Brushing also help deep clean fur rug of any stuck pollutants, lint, and tiny objects. You can find soft brushes for fur rugs on amazon. Make sure not to crush the fur while brushing.

Avoid Stains

It become very difficult and many a times next to impossible to remove stains from natural and faux fur rugs. To maintain your fur rug avoid it from stains. You can do so by removing the fur rug in case of many guests in the room.

In case of of stains on fur rug take the expertise of professional dry cleaners.

Faux rug cleaning require the same steps as mentioned. Stains can be cleaned much easier from artificial fur rugs as there are many options available in market.

Final Words

Fur rugs natural or faux makes a signature statement. Modern architectural spaces look aesthetically beautiful and stylish by placing fur rugs. Cleaning and maintaining fur rugs require simple treatments as mentioned above. Usually fur rugs are not washed on daily bases.

If you own a fur rug or looking to buy one just simply shake it well to get rid of dust and lint. Keep it away in case of heavy expected guest foot fall.  Stains can really ruin beautiful fur rugs. Try to place fur rugs at areas where very less foot fall is expected with in a room.

Bed rooms with wooden floors are the perfect places to throw your fur rugs. Since fur rugs bring in a touch of personal statement you can throw them wisely in the living room.

Following the above mentioned simple and basic steps you can enhance the life of your fur rugs.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi