How Do We Use Natural Materials For An Eco-Friendly Home

How do we use natural materials in home interior design is not a difficult question to answer. Natural materials like stone, wood and fabrics are just a few common examples.

Natural Materials play their role in our lives in variety of ways. There are many benefits of using natural materials in commercial and residential interior projects.

Interior decor is an interesting field that involves conceptual and physical product combination for building an ambience.

Scientifically proven advantages of using natural materials for home interior and decor has led to its diversified use.

This short article will explore how do we use natural materials in home decorating.

So, let’s dive in..

How To Use Natural Materials – Top Ways to Make Your Home Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly homes are a new modern trend that is turning into a well appreciated evergreen concept. Natural materials have inspired humans for their benefits.

Interior designers and decorators use natural materials in different ways to build an eco friendly home environment.

Before we jump into exploring how do we use natural materials it is important to know about them. 

List of Natural Materials

We can place natural materials into three categories.

  • Biotic Materials 
  • Inorganic Materials
  • Other Natural Materials

Biotic materials (biologically derived materials) include wool, bamboo, hemp, silk, flax, jute, moss, etc.

These materials are obtained from animals and plants.

Inorganic materials (chemical and minerals based compounds or substances) include clay, glass, metals, stone, granite, etc.

These inorganic materials can be found in nature in abundance.

Other natural materials refers to materials like sand, soil, water.

These are three major categories in which natural materials fall.

Product designers, interior designers, decorators and architects use these natural materials in making products for home interior industry.

Now, let’s come to the meat of the topic of how can we use natural materials to build an eco friendly home.

Let’s start exploring the few areas of interior design, decor and architecture in which products from naturally made materials are used to make eco friendly home.

1: Soft Furnishings 

Soft furnishings refer to product range that include curtains, upholstery fabrics, fabric accessories (cushions, table lamp shades, table runners, sofa back throws, carpets & rugs etc.), bed sheets, pillows, bed quilts, etc.

Every modern and classic interior decor require soft furnishings. The biotic materials discussed above can be used to make soft furnishings.

Using natural materials for your home soft furnishings can really give your home an eco friendly environment.

Synthetic fabrics have their own draw backs like they can cause health hazards. Skin allergies are the most common form of health sufferings.

Using natural materials in soft furnishings is becoming a new trend with many interior decorators. You can now a days find natural material based fabrics and fabric products easily.

2: Furniture and Fixtures

Furniture and fixtures yet again are unavoidable essentials in any home. Interior designer prefer natural materials like wood mostly to create Eco friendly lifestyle. Many fixtures within a house are also manufactured using materials like wood, stone and metals.

Natural wood, metal furniture and fixtures can blend easily with any interior design style. One of the reasons wood is preferred for furniture is its non toxic characteristics against composite materials.

3: Interior Architecture

Interior architecture is another area where natural materials are used to create eco friendly environment. Solid wood floors and wall claddings not only look good, but provide relaxing feeling. Natural materials are always human friendly and relatable.

In addition to these elements natural light is considered as top priority while constructing a house. Natural light is an irreplaceable source of energy and light.

Interior architecture incorporates wood, metal and organic fabrics in floors, ceilings and walls.

4: Indoor Landscape

Indoor landscape is a popular and a new trend when it comes to creating eco friendly home. Natural materials are first choice. Creating green landscapes involves plants, pebbles, sand, ceramics, water and soil, etc.

Indoor landscape is a very eco friendly presence of natural elements to bring in beauty in your home. Indoor landscapes draws you close to nature and have many healthy affects.

5: Interior Décor Items

The are many decorative items that we normally use in our home. Product designers use materials like clay, wood and many natural metals to create the decorative pieces. Natural materials can be smartly used to create so many items in interior and architecture design. 

The above mentioned are just a few ways interior decorators use to build eco friendly homes.

Natural Materials Used in Our Daily Life

Other than the interior design, decor and architecture, natural materials are daily used in our lives. From oil, coal, water, soil to many other, natural materials have become unavoidable. Many plants and animal based items are consumed daily as a healthy natural resource in our homes.

Final Thoughts

Natural materials have a proven record of benefiting humans. As interior designers, product designers and architects we always try to provide the best and safe solutions to clients. Eco friendly concepts of building homes have a unique healthy, and creative dimension.

The smart use of natural resources can create wonders in build a perfect lifestyle through eco friendly homes.

So, if you are looking to renovate your home try replacing composite and synthetic materials with natural materials.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi