How Do Interior Designers Choose Materials? (Explained)

Interior design has become a challenging field for designers and contractors when it comes to selecting materials. Interior designers choose materials according to residential and commercial project and clients requirements.

The fast and rapid research and advancement in technology has given birth to various composite materials to facilitate interior designers.

Architects and interior designers now have the liberty to select materials for interior and exterior buildings that match their creative concepts and unique ideas.

From natural to composite materials interior design industry is shaping into a new dimension of  providing comfort, functionality and style.

In this short article we will explore how interior designers choose materials for creating an impact through creative ambiance.

So, let’s dive in..

How Do Interior Designers Choose Materials For Design and Decor? Top [4] Key Considerations

Interior design is an art and science of creating functional and aesthetically attractive spaces. A lot of things add up to create a complete interior design package.

Materials are the basic requirement for building any object or a thing.

Materials are what makes any design a functional and aesthetic success.

Let’s discuss 4 key Considerations that are taken into account while selecting materials for residential and commercial interior projects.

  • Clients Requirements

Clients in today’s world are well aware of the latest technology, concepts and materials used worldwide.

Thanks to the rapidly growing access to global markets.

Clients are usually concerned about different areas while awarding project to interior designers.

They need comfort, masterful space distribution and beautiful environment.

Most of the time they are obsessed with certain materials that they want like, glossy finishes of materials or dull looking surfaces.

Many a times clients tell interior designers to avoid certain materials that they don’t like or have allergies, for example synthetics fabrics for upholstery.

Interior designers after discussing with clients make material sample boards to make sure clients get the feel of materials they want.

The clients therefore, have a very important role to play in the selection of interior design and decorating materials.

  • Interior Design Style

Interior designers start their project by selecting a theme or design style.

The interior design style reflects the overall look of the interior project.

There are many different types of interior design styles from classic, traditional, eclectic, industrial to modern.

Materials selection depends a lot on the type of interior style.

Just imagine selecting materials for a luxury modern appartment. The modern interior style will demand high end materials like metal, high glossed finished wood with luxury velevts, and pure leather as materials.

Farm house style materials and finishes for example, will need the looks of rustic and warn out country style materials wether it be wood or metal.

Therefore, the second thing to consider while selecting materials and it’s finishes is the interior style.

  • Product Design

Product design is yet another most important factor to consider while selecting materials.

Interior designers sometime improvise and custom design furniture, fixtures and other decorative accessories to elevate ambience.

Selection of material for custom design delpends on the form and function of design.

Design itself sometimes need a particular material for providing better functional solution.

  • Budget

Budget is what hold the key to everything. Sometimes clients have a limited budget, but they want the same result as someone with a good budget to spend on product materials.

Budget is therefore a very important deciding factor when it comes to material selection in interior projects.

Final Thoughts

Materials have various nature and characteristics of their own. They speak the language of aesthetics in an interior ambience.

Interior designers face challenges with themes, materials, and satisfying clients on their requirements.

Interior design industry with the help of technology has now a vast range of medium to advanced materials that are available to them.

Interior designers smartly select materials depending upon the functionality, looks and budget of clients.

So, as an interior designer all the above mentioned factors will lead you to better understand the considerations for  material selection.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi