Does Furniture Polish Prevent Mold? Yes And Here is Why

Does furniture polish prevent mold? Well! Yes, furniture polish protects mold development by hiding the raw furniture surface through a coat of polish.

Mold is not a common thing to happen to a furniture piece. We normally take care of furniture.

Furniture either modern or traditional is an essential product in our rooms. Furniture most of the times is the most expensive item in interior design.

We are always taking care of scratches, broken edges and most importantly mold developing on furniture.

This short article will explore if furniture polish prevent mold.

So let’s dive in..

Can Furniture Polish Prevent Mold? A Quick Inside

Mold usually develop on moist and damp surfaces of wooden furniture, upholstery fabrics and even damp walls.

The main cause of mold development is a moisture and high humidity conditions.

Molds grow and develop fast in a good oxygen supply. Molds can also grow and survive under low oxygen conditions.

Raw wood surface is very good for the growth of molds as wood has the natural tendency of absorbing water.

Mold on furniture surfaces can cause lot of health problems, mostly allergies.

Here is the top reason furniture polish can prevent mold development.

Raw wood furniture is thoroughly prepared for final use by certain treatments.

The most important thing during the manufacturing of wooden furniture is the seasoning of the wood. Wood is dried and than crafted into a furniture piece.

The polish on furniture wood gives it a protective coat. Varnish is applied after polish to not only give furniture wood a shine, but also protect it from a absorbing moisture.

Mold growth is prevented with the polish coat and a combination of varnish.

Most of the times just before the polish application different anti- termite, and mold growth solutions are applied on furniture wood to make it further safe and protective.

High humid levels can let wood absorb the moisture and become ideal for mold growth. Furniture polish cuts off this ability of wood to absorb water.

A coat of polish on wood furniture and afterwards a coat of varnish completely seal small pores and minute cracks in wood to absorb moisture and air.

This way furniture polish completely blocks all the possibilities of mold growing conditions.

A regular cleaning of furniture wood with dry cloth and controlling the humidity can save it from mold spores that are present in air.

Final Words

Mold development on furniture is not a new thing. There is nothing to worry about if you have purchased a good quality furniture from a reliable source or a brand.

Furniture polish definitely protects the growth of mold as discussed above. A regular cleaning and care from moisture or humid environment can increase the life of your furniture.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi