What is The Best Paint Finish For Interior Walls? [Explained]

What is the best paint finish for interior walls? The simple answer is matte paint finish especially flat eggshell finish, as it looks more formal and elegant. Interior design industry is evolving and using all unique ideas and products for better functionality and aesthetics. Paint finishes over the years have evolved rapidly offering many choices to customers and interior designers. Every paint finish creates its own unique and attractive ambience.

Interior architecture holds great value in creating ambience. From wall, floor and ceiling details of all sorts including paint finishes matter very much. There are a number of paint brands that offer huge variety of not only paint colors but in matte and satin finishes.

This short and laser focused article will answer what wall finish is best for interior walls.

What is The Best Paint Finish For Interior Walls? Satin or Matte

Interior designers select various styles and themes for their residential and commercial projects. Satin finish is shiny, smooth and reflects light, whereas matte finish is dull, has more depth and has a non shiny appearance.

The selection of interior walls finish is not tricky. Matte finish generally is the first choice of interior designers for major rooms in the house. Matte Finish looks formal and is best for living room, dining room, bedroom, entrance hall, lounge.

The satin paint finish for interior walls is mostly used in kitchen, bathroom, children rooms. Satin finish is used in areas that has the most traffic or are likely to get exposure from dust and dirt. The choice of interior wall paint finish also boils down to the liking of the client. Many people opt for slightly satin wall paint finish for every room, and some does the opposite.

Flat Interior Wall Finish

Flat finish is opaque and looks elegant. It is mostly recommended for interior walls and ceilings. Flat paint has a certain depth due to its non shiny appearance. It is hard to clean in comparison to satin finish, therefore it is not recommended in kitchen and bathrooms etc.

Eggshell Interior Wall Finish 

Eggshell wall paint finish has the lower shine or luster. It is mostly recommended by interior designers for living room, dining rooms and bedrooms. It is slightly easier to clean than the flat paint finish.

Satin Paint Wall Finish

Satin paint has a certain gloss to it which is settle and not loud. It is easier to clean also due to its shiny and smooth surface. Satin finish is mostly recommended for high traffic areas.

Final Thoughts – What is The Best Paint Finish For Interior Walls?

Interior design ambience is created through the application of many factors including wall paint colors and finishes. Interior designers select best color combinations, textures and finishes to elevate interior spaces. The two most commonly used finishes are satin(shiny) and Matte(dull) paint finishes. 

Both shiny and matte finishes looks appropriate at the right places. Matte finish is much more formal and is best for hallways, living room, dining and bed rooms. Interior designers prefer matte finishes in these rooms to get he optimum and best interior looks.

So, if you are planning to repaint your interior walls, try matte finish in any color that suits your room space.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi