Is SketchUp good For Interior Design? – Explained

Is SketchUp good For Interior Design? The answer is yes, SketchUp is a powerful 3D tool which is used for quick 3D model making and visualizations. It is popular and widely used by interior designers. Architects and interior designers. Interior designers need to equip themselves with the latest tools like SketchUp. Interior design is rapidly growing industry worldwide. People have become aware of interior design importance in their lives.

People hire interior designers to create comfortable, attractive and functional interior spaces. This approach has made interior design a challenging field for interior designers. They now need to be very good with their concepts, presentations and executions.

This short article will explore how SketchUp is a good tool for interior designers. So, lets dig into our content.

Is SketchUp good For Interior Design? A Quick Inside

Modern technology is facilitating every field to produce optimum results, and save a tone of time. SketchUp is a 3D software especially made to visualize and create 3D models with rendering facilities. SketchUp has made the lives of architects, engineers, product designers and interior designer very easy.

SketchUp software is designed on the concept of pull and push mechanism. It means designers and create a basic form and than pull and push different areas of the form to create their desired forms.

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Let’s find out what SketchUp does to become a favorite tool for interior designers by answering this basic question:

Can You Use SketchUp For Interior Design?

SketchUp is widely used by interior designers worldwide because of useful features. SketchUp is designed with very unique features to produce optimum results in less time. Interior design studios use a combination of Auto Cad and SketchUp for their commercial and residential projects.

SketchUp is Used By Interior Designers and Here is Why:

  • SketchUp is a quick visualization tool
  • SketchUp can Convert 2D drawings into 3D models
  • It can save time
  • SketchUp is easy to use
  • SketchUp provide excellent rendering facility through additional plugins
  • It can create realistic texture with dramatic real time lighting effects
  • SketchUp can manage layers
  • It can create animations
  • Its free version is easily available on net
  • SketchUp has a very good online community of users
  • Sketchup offers huge library of textures and 3D models from furniture to fixtures
  • You can make 3D presentations for clients in no time

These are a few SketchUp features that are appreciated by architects and interior designers alike for their projects.

Is SketchUp a Good Program?

Without any doubts SketchUp has won the hearts of interior designers when they compare SketchUp with 3D Max. It is more user friendly,, and less time consuming software. It can be learnt easy, and a number of tutorials are available on YouTube. (SketchUp Tutorials)

Here is a quick video to provide you a glimpse of why SketchUp is a good program for interior designers and architects.

Final Thoughts – Is SketchUp good For Interior Design?

SketchUp user friendly and useful features makes it one of the best choice for interior designers. Interior designers always need a 3Dd software that can present their clients with visualizations and concepts of the project. SketchUp features are a quick time saving and excellent results output solution.
Interior designers can play with this handy tool to make sure their visualizations can be practically implemented with any flaws. SketchUp success can be reflected from the fact that it is taught in almost all interior design institutions and colleges.
Written by: Adil Masood Qazi