Is Industrial Style Still Popular? – Answered

Is industrial style still popular? Well! Yes, industrial style in interior design is popular because of its raw, looks in furniture, accessories, and the interior environment (ambience). Industrial style is being used widely as per the demand of clients.

Interior design is a rapidly growing industry. It incorporates many new concepts and ideas of using items that can serve the purpose of styling home. Let’s stay laser focused and find out why industrial style is popular among people and interior designers.

Industrial design characteristics blends well with modern interior style, therefore interior designers use industrial look smartly in their commercial and residential projects. This is pretty much new for people and they appreciate the change that this style brings in their lifestyle.

This short article will explore all the factors that makes industrial style still popular among most of the people worldwide.

So, let’s dig into our content, and explore about the reasons that makes industrial style still popular.

Is Industrial Style Still Popular? Everything You Should Know

Industrial style is one of many interior design styles used by interior designers. Industrial design blends well with modern architecture, and is easily manageable. Industrial style reflects the raw looks of the industrial warehouse materials and its exposed and raw ambience.

Interior designers stylize, modify the looks of industrial settings and use it smartly as a reference for both commercial and residential projects. Industrial materials presents an unfinished and rustic look. Interior designers use this as inspiration, and design their interior environments, furniture, fixtures and accessories accordingly.

[15] Industrial Style Characteristics –  Reason Why Industrial Design Will Stay As An Evergreen Style

Industrial style in interior design field has its own magical characteristics that makes it stand out in its own unique way. One of the most important thing to understand here is that every character of any style must be aesthetically appealing, functionally stable, economically balanced and cost effective.

Industrial style with its unique and different looks has been getting appreciation from people as this style blends well with modern interior architectural spaces. 

Here are the key characteristics of industrial style that makes it liked by people:

  • Simplicity
  • Durability
  • Sustainability
  • Unique raw, rustic and distressed finishes
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Neat and straight lines and cuts
  • Incorporation of building materials 
  • Unfinished and exposed interior environments
  • Open floor plans like factories and industrial workshops
  • Neutral and earth tones color palette
  • Repurposed and recycled material use
  • Stylized industrial raw materials into utility (product) design
  • Non fancy textile
  • Character (Signature style)
  • Lack of typical ornamentation in interior architecture

These are the few characteristics that makes industrial design different from other interior style and makes it popular. 

Do Interior Designers Like Industrial Style

The answer to if interior designers like industrial style is yes. Interior designers can use industrial style as reference and design creative ambience. They can use industrial look and blend it with modern design elements to create visually attractive interior spaces.

Since the interior design industry is becoming more and more challenging interior designers are always looking for something different, and unique. Industrial style has all these features that give the liberty to interior designers to play around with experimental ideas. Therefore interior designers like industrial style for their projects.

Final Thoughts – Is industrial Style Still Popular?

Industrial design has some unique characteristics that makes it a popular style. People are always looking for a refreshing change. Interior design industry is evolving rapidly by incorporating new concepts and products. Industrial design presents a unique and a different influence taken from industrial ambience and materials.

This whole concept seems interesting and very modern. The one of the key catch is industrials styles cost effectiveness, simplicity and sustainability that makes it a popular trending style among people and interior designers.

So, if you are thinking of renovating interior spaces in your house try using industrial style design, you can expect a fresh and relaxing change in your lifestyle.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi