Interior Design Services – A Complete List With Description

Interior Design Services include a number of task from planning interior spaces to managing the overall decor of the project. Interior Design industry is growing in multiple dimension and therefore it incorporates a lot of professional opportunities.

Interior designers in modern world provide different services online and offline to their clients worldwide.

There are a number of online platforms that offer interior designers to provide consultancies related to interior design and interior architecture.

The world has really opened its doors to so many work, and service opportunities interior designers can opt for these days.

Interior designers face challenges from what revolves around client satisfaction to keeping themselves aware of the market, and new materials.

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Since people can now access the latest happenings in the field of interior design, therefore they expect optimum result from interior designers.

This short yet laser focused article will list down all the services interior designers provide to clients.

Interior Design Services – A Quick Inside

Interior design as an academic discipline provide students with an opportunity to study a diversified range of subjects.

The course they study includes visualization skills, drawing and illustration, digital interior concept illustrations and rendering layouts, landscape design, light design to a huge range of theory and practical subjects.

As a professional they select and work in their areas of interest and provide professional interior design services accordingly.

Interior Design Services Description 

Interior design services description is what interior designers offer to clients and describe in their ads and promotions.

Most interior designers divide their interior design description into these main categories.

  • Interior design consultant
  • Turn key interior design
  • Full interior design service
  • Design only

These are the major categories interior designers describe their scope of work in.

Interior design services list

  • Interior Designer

Interior designer service includes a complete package from concept building to the final execution of the the project. It covers every bit and piece required to complete the project.

  • Interior Design Visualizer

Interior design visualization service is an interesting job as it just gives the client a visualization of their project (in 2D or 3D). The visualization is done according to the budget and requirements of the client.

  • Project Manager

Interior designers provide service to private architectural and furniture firms as project manager for residential and commercial projects.

The job of a project manager is to handle interior designers, and various vendor according to the competition timelines, design specifications and budget constraints.

  • Interior Decorator and Stylist

Interior designers can also provide decor and interior stylist services to clients for residential and commercial projects.

  • Corporate Design Services

Corporate interior design industry is vast and it demands interior designers to be specialized in ergonomic design, efficient and productive space planning.

Interior designers specialized in this area provide complete corporate design and development services.

  • Healthcare Interior Services

Healthcare is an important industry with it’s unique demand when it come to interior design. Interior designers specializing in the interiors of healthcare industry work from providing consultancy to complete healthcare interior environment building solutions.

  • Kitchen and Bath Interiors

Interior designers specializing in just kitchen and bath niche provide relevant services from unique and creative design concepts and development, keeping all the modern and composite materials in mind

  • Stage and Set Design Services

Many interior designers specialized in providing design and ambience creation services to set design industry.

They train themselves in designing of environments that suits the script of the play. Set design industry is becoming popular and require professional and expert interior designers for challenging design solutions.

  • Light Design Services

Interior designers provide corporate, commercial and residential clients with dramatic light design services.

This is yet a new, and thriving career path for interior designers where they can not only design custom light design solutions but also create attractive ambience with dramatic light installations in a project.

  • Interior Design Educationist

Many interior designers provide services as educationist to academic industry. They prepare themselves to give services and solutions in developing a skill driven course infrastructure.

  • Interior Design Researcher

Interior design field is evolving at a rapid pace. Interior design product related development and manufacturing industry hire interior designers who could provide them with research services.

This is one of a profitable career for interior designers.

  • Interior Landscape Designer

The idea of biophilic interior design has turned into an evergreen trend. Living close to nature has given a new dimension to landscape design.

People want interior designers to workout solutions that can provide an attractive landscape design indoors.

Interior design landscape services are trending as modern architecture is developing to support the idea of spaces that can incorporate biophilic design. 

All the mentioned areas are very targeted and niche oriented where interior designers can provide services.

As interior design industry is evolving lot of other related fields are opening their options for interior designer to work and provide services.

I hope this short yet focused article will give you an idea of just a few of the services interior designers can provide to clients. Designer specialize in different areas of interior design and provide services accordingly.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi