How to Start Interior Design Thesis Projects

How to start interior design thesis projects is a crucial step for students. Starting an interior design project needs sequential steps from selecting topic, visualizing it, and than executing it masterfully.

Students thesis project is a milestone that reflects their hard work through out the year. Students can start interior design thesis projects by following the checklist mentioned below.

This checklist can be expanded as per need to explore the depths of a certain unit or a stage.

How to start Interior design thesis projects – Key Steps

  1. Selecting topic
  2. Finding an inspiration
  3. Creating a visualization and concept sketches
  4. Creating mood and sample boards
  5. Defining budgets and project timelines.
  6. Making on scale layout plans, elevations and 3d rendered visualizations
  7. Creating final presentations

These are the key phases to start an interior design thesis projects. Each key phase can be expanded into further sub categories for in-depth study and understanding. This entirely depends on students interest and exposure towards the chosen topic.

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interior design thesis projects

Let’s explore in brief all these stages.

1: Selecting topic

Topic selection is perhaps the most difficult step and requires lot of barnstorming for interior design projects. Most students select topics for their residential or commercial thesis projects from various interior design styles. Selecting topics also boils down to personal interest of the students towards any subject matter.

2: Finding an inspiration

Inspirations can give a kick start to your interior design thesis project. Inspirations are so many and they can be found through observations. You can find inspirations from nature to the latest fiction novel you have read. Inspirations drive the direction of your method of working.

3: Creating visualization and concept sketches

This is an interesting stage where practical work starts. A series of concept and visualization sketches are made either manually or digitally. These concept sketches are important as they help you in understanding how your project will look.

4: Creating mood and sample boards

Once you have clarity of your interior design thesis project through building concept sketches, creating mood and sample boards is an important stage.

You make sure your mood boards reflect the same ambience that you have visualized for each space. Creating sample boards with various materials range is also important in understanding your interior thesis project.

5: Defining budgets and project timelines

Budget and project timelines are crucial in interior design thesis paper work. Interior design thesis project dissertation must include all sort of interior project details. Defining total budget and its break up will add value to your thesis. Interior design project timeline will also allow investors to understand the project completion time.

6: Layout plans, elevations and 3d Renders

Detailed working drawing of the entire projects are created in AutoCAD. Complete furniture and electric plans, wall elevations and 3d renders are created for final presentations.

7: Creating final presentations 

Once the whole project is completed, its time for making final presentations. Interior design thesis projects presentation is the last step to complete the thesis. This step require masterful display of your project.


Interior design thesis require a series of steps that makes sure your direction stays focused on what is needed. From interior design topic selection to project visualizations, writing concept statement, developing the concept sketches to making detailed working drawings every step is the key for success.

You can follow this checklist to make sure to start the interior design thesis project in a right sequence.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi