Is Cedar Wood Furniture Good – Should You Buy It?

Is cedar wood furniture  good? Well for out door furniture as cedar wood is soft and light weight wood, it is not highly recommended for indoor furniture. It has spicy aroma, is durable and easily available. Cedar wood furniture for out door is a popular choice because of its natural resistance to insects as well as decay. Cedar hold up well against the weather conditions out doors. This makes cedar wood out door furniture popular.

It does not need any chemical treatment. This chemical free quality character of cedar wood is liked by people who love to have natural and organic wood products. Every wood has its unique character and appeal. Cedar wood surely has its own character.

Cedar wood is used in interior and exterior in number of ways. From out door fencing, decks and furniture to indoor paneling and furniture cedar work well as a easy wood. Cedar wood has been used in the construction industry for some time now.

So, let’s dive in and find out what cedar wood furniture.

Is Cedar Wood Furniture Good – A Quick Inside

Interior design is a rapidly growing industry with demands in different sectors of everyday life. Furniture is an essential element of occupying interior space and adding value to its ambience.

Cedar wood furniture like any other wood furniture ads its unique taste and style to an interior space. Specially cedar wood with it’s rustic feel is a perfect blend in for log cabin and country farm house style. Cedar wood is an aromatic wood, and therefore it ads its own touch of class. Cedar wood belongs to species of plants that are know as gymnosperms (Like pine and fir trees).

Northern White Cedar Wood

The Northern cedar wood is a softer wood with knots in its grains. This type of wood is often good for making out door fences. Outdoor furniture and raised decks.

Eastern Red Cedar Wood

Eastern cedar wood is good for making indoor closets. This type of wood can also be considered for outdoor projects especially furniture items.

Yellow Cedar Wood

Yellow wood is not advised for indoor furniture, however it can be considered for outdoor furniture. Due to yellow cedar unique qualities it is mostly used for making lightweight objects.

What Type of Cedar is Used for Furniture?

The native species of Central and South America is called Spanish Cedar. Due to its lightweight it becomes the primary choice of woodworkers and builders for different construction projects to making furniture.  Spanish  Cedar has color stretching from pink to reddish brown in color. Usually when freshly cut Spanish cedar has a pinkish in color. The grains are generally straight with slightly coarse texture.

One of the mechanical properties of Spanish cedar is its strength in relation to its weight. This makes Spanish cedar furniture a good choice among the carpenters.

Is Cedar Furniture Expensive?

Cedar wood has been used since many years with its unique characteristics. It is a beautiful wood. Cedar wood furniture along with teak wood are the best choices for out door furniture items. This makes cedar and teak wood furniture expensive. Teak being the hardest wood is slightly expensive. It stands the weather conditions as a tougher wood than cedar.

The average price of cedar wood is between $4 – $9 per linear foot. This price may vary from region to region. The larger size cedar wood planks may be slightly expensive in price. The furniture therefore made out of cedar wood is expensive. The demand of cedar wood is strong in the market, and this leads to higher prices of furniture items made out of cedar wood.

What Furniture Items Can be Considered making with Cedar Wood?

As we know cedar wood is good for making outdoor and indoor furniture items. You can not make bedroom dressers, living room coffee tables, Hallway Tables, Dining tables with cedar wood. The soft nature of cedar wood needs lighter use. You can make end tables, spare dresser, computer desks, coat hangers, shoe racks and every other items that is not used heavily.

Since cedar wood is a soft wood so the indoor furniture items are limited whereas for outdoor furniture it is a recommended wood.

cedar wood furniture

Final Thoughts

Cedar wood furniture has a its unique and useful characteristics. It is a beautiful wood with natural aroma. Cedar wood with its stability, strength and durability is a preferred wood for out door furniture. decorators mostly use cedar wood along with teak wood for creating sitting places on patio.

Cedar wood furniture is also liked for indoor seating. Various types of cedar wood are available and their selection will depend on how do you want to use them. ALL types of cedar woods are easily and readily available in different locations. So, if you are planning to redo seating arrangement for your patio consider cedar wood furniture. It can stand tough weather condition and natural insect repellent qualities.

Written By: Adil Masood Qazi