Do Interior Designers Design Furniture? (Answered)

Interior designers perform a number of different tasks to make sure what they design looks good. Do Interior designers design furniture? The answer is simply yes, they can design furniture to improve the spacial functionality. We will explore why interior designers design furniture in the later half of the article.

Can interior designers design furniture

Interior design is a big industry. It always demands change in concepts, planning and execution. Interior designers train themselves in performing various tasks that can improve the quality of their project.

With global accessibility clients can understand how interior design concepts and technology is advancing. The changing technological facilities is making difficult task possible.

From light design ideas, interior detailing, selection of fabrics to furniture design, custom designed solutions are becoming popular. Clients now want interior designers not only to create beautiful ambience, but they want interior designers to design custom made items to fit in the ambience.

Let’s dig a bit deeper to find what drives interior designers to design custom items for their projects.

Do Interior Designers Design Furniture? A Quick Inside

Interior design encircles vast array of items. It covers small interior architectural details to handling big items like furniture. The profession demands interior designers to update themselves always to meet with the pace of rapidly changing face of their industry.

Architectural forms most of the times are very creatively designed. They require custom designed solutions from interior designers for particular spaces. Whether it’s is designing custom false ceilings, for the space, or designing special lighting fixture to make an impact, interior designer practice everything.

Interior design academic course structure has the provision of understanding, and designing furniture as a subject. They can easily design furniture with the help of modern software tools in no time.

Studying furniture design subject in interior design course is one of the primary advantage interior designers have. The important thing is that the resources for designing furniture are available online and offline. It is now a days not difficult to learn designing furniture.

The mechanism of joinery of furniture, the available woods that can be beneficial in their own way, with their unique characteristics, every type of information is available online.

Many modern concepts are being used by interior designers for their projects. Minimalist approach to interior design for example requires a certain sleek, and straight line furniture. Interior designers design furniture to fit in spaces for such style of decor. From classic to modern furniture interior designers provide custom solutions for making furniture designs.

Many interior designers hire product designers in their company set up so that they can design furniture on demand and need. They have also furniture manufacturers as vendors, from whom they get their custom designed furniture items made. 

Can interior designers design furniture

Reasons Interior Designers Design Furniture For Their Projects.

Residential and commercial projects both have their unique requirements. These requirements may range from number of items and application of concepts.

Interior designers have following reasons to design their own furniture items.

  • Space Constraints

Modern to classic architecture have spaces that require customized products. Interior design detailing, furniture and lights, or maybe unique fabric installation needs to be designed and not picked readily from market. These type of spatial restrictions lead interior designers to design furniture pieces with odd sizes and proportions.

  • Aesthetic Requirements

Many a times the furniture according to a unique theme require special aesthetics. These aesthetic values can be achieved through different finishes of paint and polish.

At times interior designers would want an interesting and custom designed fabric pattern for a particular furniture design. It is quiet possible that designers have designed furniture according to a certain fabric style. Aesthetics works in many ways, and interior designer can design furniture accordingly to meet clients requirements.

  • Personal Interest

 Personal interest is one of the major reasons many interior designers design their own furniture. They take designing furniture as a hobby and design creative furniture items for their projects.

They take extra efforts in learning new ways of designing furniture. Coming up with new ideas of designing furniture forms is interesting and challenging .

Playing by blending furniture styles and experimenting with wood finishes need passionate efforts. This depends upon  interest levels of individuals.

  • Purposeful Furniture

Purposeful furniture is also a reason many interior designers create their own furniture. Purposeful furniture is functional and at times multifunctional, like storage furniture.

Purposeful furniture items are designed for special places and to perform more than one task. Interior designers design such type of items to meet their needs of space.

  • To Stay In The Game

Interior design is a tough market place with very high competition. Interior designers learn new ways to beat their competition. Designing their own signature furniture can make them stay ahead of the market competition.

This is yet another very strong reason for them to design their own furniture.

Final Thoughts

Interior designers definitely can design furniture all by themselves. They are trained to draw and visualize ideas related to their field. Their academic training of furniture sketching play important role in making them design furniture. Modern resources also facilitates them in easily designing furniture for their clients.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi