Can Interior Designers Become Set Designer? Yes and Here is Why

Can interior designers become set designers? Well, yes interior designers can practice as set designers as both of them make spaces beautiful and purposeful.

Interior design is all about creating functional spaces and making them as per the requirements of clients. These designed spaces are purposeful.

Set designing industry is also a rapidly growing industry like interior design. It has a vast multidimensional workability.

Set designing is the backbone of entertainment industry. It is evolving as a creative and experimental platform for product and interior designers.

Set designers like interior designers create ambiences and spaces according to the requirement of the script or the story.

Theater, films and television all these mediums of entertainment need set designers to decorate the environment according to the visualization of the producer.

Interior designers on the other hand also fulfill the requirements of their clients on certain visualized environment.

Many art and design institutions offer degree in interior design with set design as a subject.

Set designers create environments on a particular script of a story. Interior designers does the same for their clients.

Interior design and set designing process are the same. They start with visualization of a concept and end at final masterful execution.

Both interior designers and set designers have a bright futures in their career as their industries are growing and performing well.

Interior designers and set designers both can switch their professions with ease.

Can Interior Designers Become Set Designers? – Interior Set Designer Similarities With Interior Designers

Interior designers and set designers both study the same type of subjects during their studies.

Knowing the type of subjects they both study will give you an idea why interior designers can work as set designer and vise versa.

Without delaying any further lets get to know what they study.

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Can Interior Designers Become Set Designer

Set Designer Requirements

Here some of the common subjects they study during their degree as a requirement.

  • Drawing 

Drawing is the foundation subject every art and design student study. It helps them in making their observations strong.

Drawing and sketching makes them translate their ideas on paper.

Interior designers and set designers both should be able to draw to make sure their visualized concepts will work well when physically executed.

  • History of Arts and Design

Learning history is also a foundation subject. It helps designers to understand the evolution of art and design through timeline.

Further the happenings in history can become source of inspirations for their future projects (Theaters or home)

  • AutoCAD

AutoCAD is a software that facilitates interior and set designers to draw with precision about their site layout plans.

AutoCAD is an easy to learn tool and has become an essential tool to learn for both set designers and interior designers.

  • Lighting Designs

Light plays a crucial role for both type of designers in creating drama in the space.

Understanding light, and how it can change moods in the environments whether it is theater, film, home or shop is important.

  • Materials and Models

Interior environments involve many different types of materials to create an ambience.

Different finishes are required at certain areas in internal spaces. Interior and stage designers must study materials and their characteristics to apply them in a better way in their projects.

Set designer job description

How to Get a Job as a Set Designer

Set designing is becoming more and more competitive with time, popularity and demand of the profession.

Set designers are not only needed for theaters any more but their scope of work has broadened to stage shows, movies, talk shows, and Tv drama and serials.

Here are a a few things that can help you get a decent job as a set designer.

  • Degree in interior Design / Architecture / Set Design
  • Portfolio with set design concepts
  • Work experience / internships in set design
  • Exposure to what is happening in the field of set design

These are a few things that can help you get to a decent set design job.

Can Interior Designers Become Set Designers – Final Thoughts

Interior designers and set designers both study similar subjects.

They are trained to create beautiful spaces according to the need and demand of clients.

The spaces they create serve various purposes. Both type of designers decorate the spaces with decor items from paintings to vases and collectibles.

So the answer to can interior designers become set designers is yes, they can.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi