Do Architects Use SketchUp? Yes! And Here is Why

Do architects use SketchUp? Well, yes it is a popular software liked by architects and interior designers. Architects mainly use SketchUp software to convert 2D architectural and interior drawings into 3D through “Pull and Push” tools. Architects and interior designers use Sketchup for creating 3d models of residential, commercial buildings and making landscapes.

SketchUp has made the process of visualizing architectural forms very easy. SketchUp in comparison to other 3D software has made the life of architects easy. Architects have been using conventional style of hand made drawings in 2d and 3d for quite sometime.

But with the modern technology like computer and software tools architectural drawings and presentations have been shaping up real fast.

Do architects use SketchUp

Do Architects Use SketchUp? – A Quick Inside Story

Google SketchUp program is the most user-friendly 3D software that can make 3D drawings real fast. SketchUp software was created in 1999. Over the past few years the easy user-friendly interface has made Sketchup a popular software among architects and interior design professionals and students.

SketchUp is available online, anyone can easily download and use it to get started with a 3d user-friendly experience.

Types of Drawings Architects can Make Using Software Like SketchUp – A Quick Overview

Before jumping any further into the article, lets get to know what kind of drawings architects really make. This will help you understand how Sketchup software has facilitated the architects and draftsmen.

Architects normally make drawings such as:

1: 3d Elevations

2: 3d Concept Visualizations

3: 3d Architectural and Interior Design Views

4: Sectional Elevations in 3d Forms

5: 3d Presentations for Clients

6: Seioghraphy Drawings

Architects use SketchUp for making 3d drawings through its comprehensive user friendly interface. Architects use above mentioned drawings during different stages of their projects.

As a general practice architects make 2d drawings in AutoCAD and transfer them to SketchUp. Inside the SketchUp environment the 2d drawing is converted into 3d models using push and pull technique.

How Good is the SketchUp Program for Architects?

Well, as said before SketchUp software is a useful addition for every professional who is looking for a quick visualization tool. These include (Architects, Product Designers, Interior Designers, Draftsmen, Woodworkers Engineers, etc.).

Architects and other professionals used 3dmax for making 3d models for presentations before SketchUp.

3dmax is a great in-depth and very comprehensive software, but it takes longer time as compared to SketchUp for making 3d visualizations, drawings and presentations.

SketchUp program saves time and is a quick model drawing and 3d model making software. SketchUp allows architects and students to create large number of 3d models gallery. They can use these models for large scale projects.

SketchUp has an OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) renderer for the creation of realistic looking models.

Do Architect Schools Use SketchUp?

Architects schools and institutions train students to become professionals and meet the requirements of the industry. Among theory subjects, architecture students learn AutoCAD, Rhino, Revit, 3dmax, and Sketchup among other graphic software.

Learning tools like SketchUp repairs them to visualize their concepts through 3d model creations. SketchUp is an easy to learn and use tool.

AutoCAD vs SketchUp

AutoCAD is 2d drawing creating software, whereas SketchUp is a 3d model making software. Both the software have their own advantages.

Here is a little comparison infographic between AutoCAD and SketchUp:

AutoCAD vs SketchUp

To conclude the comparison between AutoCAD and SketchUp, both software are a good for generating required 2d and 3d drawings and presentations.

AutoCAD primarily is a great tool for creation of 2d and 3d drawings for architects, engineers like mechanical, civil and electrical. Whereas SketchUp is a good handy easy to use 3d model making tool. It can create 3d visualizations and presentations.

SketchUp Features – At a Glance

Here are key features of SketchUp that architects and interior designers can use:

  • 2d Drawing
  • 3d Models
  • Walk Through Animations
  • Architectural Symbol Library
  • BIM Modeling
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Component Library
  • Data Import/Export Features
  • Drafting
  • Print Ready Files for 3D Printing
  • Landscape Design

These are the key features SketchUp offer to architects, engineers and interior designers, etc. Further lot of plugins are also available for download that makes SketchUp software more appealing tool for professionals and students.

Five Reasons We Love SketchUp So Much

SketchUp is a wonderful 3D software that lets students and professionals to visualize and make 3D architectural models. You can easily download the software online.

It also help you to generate reality based rendered 3d models .

Here are the top 5 reasons to like SketchUp:

1: It is user friendly

SketchUp has a pretty easy to learn interface. It has great features for making 3D modeling possible.

2: It is an authentic software

Architects and other professionals including students use SketchUp software. SketchUp is frequently used by small to big size companies in their projects.

SketchUp was developed by @Last Software in 1999, it was co-founded by Brad Schell and Joe Esch.

3: It is not just architectural software

One of the good things about SketchUp software is that people from different professions can use it.

It not only allows architects only but engineers, product designers, interior designers, etc. to create their 3D models.

4: It has a vast warehouse / library

SketchUp has a large 3d model library / warehouse. You can select from this large library any model that suits your project requirement.

5: It is free

SketchUp is free for use. You can download it and use it for your projects.

These are the top five reasons to like SketchUp software.

Can SketchUp Do Floor Plans?

Architects make a lot of drawings for their residential and commercial projects. Do architects use SketchUp? leads to one more question that can SketchUp do floor plans?
Since architects make floor plans so among other drawing tools like AutoCAD, SketchUp can play an equally important role as a tool.

Do Architect Studios use SketchUp?

Architect studios use many different types of software including SketchUp in their projects. Among these software architects use SketchUp as a quick and easy to make 3d models.
Typically architects use software like Rhino, Revit, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD and SketchUp. Most of the times architects use combination of two software to make their desired drawings and presentations for client.

What Program Do Architects Use to Design?

Architects use variety of software depending upon their requirement and need. Since architects need 2d to 3d drawings and models they use combination of software.
AutoCAD remains a the basic industry driven key software for architects.
Architects generally use Rhino 3d, SketchUp V-ray, Maya, Photoshop, Revit Architecture, Dynamo, Grasshopper, ArchiCAD, including many plugins for each software for better features and results.

Can SketchUp Be Used on Mobile?

SketchUp is a heavy software for mobiles. But you can download SketchUp viewer app for android and iOS devices.

SketchUp viewer app is designed so you can watch 3d model library. Architects can download SketchUp viewer on their mobile to explore the demo models or models from their created library. They can show these models to clients on their mobile devices.

Can SketchUp Replace AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is an older software comparatively to SketchUp. AutoCAD is a good 2d and 3d software option for mechanical, electrical, architects and engineers.

These professionals can make their working drawings on scale and precision on AutoCAD. Whereas SketchUp is very typically used for 3d model creation with very realistic rendering solutions. It is an easy pull and push tool for creating 3d drawings for clients.

Both AutoCAD and SketchUp have their own advantages for professionals specially architects. Going into the debate that if SketchUp will replace AutoCAD or not is pointless. Both will keep providing architects their required solutions.

Do Architects Use SketchUp

Do Architects Use SketchUp – Final Thoughts

Architects use SketchUp as tool to assist them on various project requirements. SketchUp was developed as 3d modeling software. It has been around in the industry for a while now. It sure is pretty popular in architecture and interior design students as quick and easy to learn and use tool.

So, if you are an architect and interior designers and still not using SketchUp, try it for quick and realistic looking architectural 3d presentations.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi