Indoor Glass French Doors – Everything You Need To Know

Indoor glass French doors is not a new term to know. Interior designers have been using French doors in their projects since long. Residential and commercial interior design projects have French doors with glass as an evergreen solution when it comes to selecting interior doors. Indoor glass French doors are easily available online and offline. There is a vast collection of French door styles you can choose from.

Indoor glass French doors refers to a pair of doors constructed in wood frames with a number of glass panels as per design and choice. You can make a number of small frames with glass in one door or just a single glass panel.

The size of the door will define how many smaller glass panels in wooden frame you can make as per your requirement.

Interior glass French door

Indoor Glass French Doors – Things To Know 

Interior French door is usually a pair of door rather than a single door. It is a popular style of door used by interior designers in America and Europe.

The origin of French door history can be found in French Renaissance Period. The trend of open space in house became a fashion in the seventeenth century. Soon the old trend of solid door between two rooms was replaced by French doors. More light suddenly was available in rooms through these French doors. This went into fashion and led the French door as a popular trend.

What is a double French door?

As a common practice usually a single door is made to enter the room.  A double French door is a door that has two small doors of equal widths covering the complete width of the door.

Each single door has small frames of wood with glass panels, these frames can be single or a combination of single and few more panels. For a door to be a true reflection of French door it must have glass panels from top to bottom. At times these small glass panels are also referred as French Windows.

Can French doors swing both ways?

Yes, a indoor glass French doors can swing both ways, i.e. it can open inwards and outwards. The recommended swing for a French door is to be uniform, inwards or outwards. You can always customize the installation of French doors they way that suits your requirement or liking.

A a normal practice like all other doors, French doors should open outwards either it is an exterior or interior glass French door.

How long does it take to install French doors?

Well, the installation time of the indoor French glass doors depends upon few factors. The first factor is the design and size of the French door. Second is the experience of the installers.

With these two factors a team of two people can install French door in 2 – 3 hours.

But with the removal of the old door and its frame, installation of new French door may take up to 5-6 hours.

What is a Prehung French door?

A Prehung French door refers to a French door that is installed in a wooden frame with hinges. Prehung French doors are manufactured in number of designs and sizes.

Here is a small video about the installation of interior Prehung French door.

Do French Doors Increase Home Value?

Yes! French doors increase home value if you invest in them. There are a number of ways you can increase your property value. Adding French doors in your house can definitely add resale value.

Here are 3 reasons why French doors increase home value.

1: Investment with high rate of return

If you are replacing the front door of your house with a French door, you are definitely increasing the value of your home by a good margin.

French doors are popular in America and Europe they are an evergreen trend and interior glass French doors add considerable rate on investment.

2: Inexpensive solution 

Indoor glass French doors installation are an inexpensive and cost effective solution against solid wooden doors. French doors carry a class of their own with a little investment.

3: Spacious and open Feeling

Interior glass French doors provide the feeling of openness. They let light flow throw between rooms and are a great way to make your room look spacious.

With sustainable and eco friendly concept prevailing worldwide French doors help in conserving energy, this can be an added advantage of French glass doors.

Are French doors safe?

The answer is yes, French doors are pretty safe these days. French doors comes with all the safety features in a proper locking system. You can even install double unbreakable laminated glass in small wooden frames in French doors and French windows.

The only way that French doors can become unsafe is because of poor installation.

Standard Size For French Door

The standard size for French door is 80 inches tall and 72 inches wide. But some common French door widths range between 5 and 8 feet. These standard width indoor French doors may be used for entry hallways and for other rooms entrances.

Best French door materials to consider

There are number of options available for French door materials in the market. You can even find a good variety of indoor French door materials online these days.

The selection for French door materials may vary depending upon personal taste. But fiberglass as a French door material is a low maintenance and weather resistant best option.

Here are some other option for French door materials:


Vinyl is the most affordable and economical material for indoor French door. It is available in the market in different attractive styles. Vinyl French doors do provide better thermal insulations. But, vinyl French door only drawback is that they may crack under extreme temperature changes.


Aluminum French doors are better in durability if compared with vinyl French doors. They can better resist weather conditions against wooden doors. Aluminum French doors need consistent maintenance for better performance and durability.


Fiberglass is a expensive than vinyl, but it is hard and durable as a material. With slight maintenance it can stand harsh weather conditions. It is highly recommended by professionals to increase your budget and use fiberglass as material for French doors.


Steel is an affordable material, but it can perform badly if used as an exterior French door. Indoor steel French door does not offer much of an insulation. Steel can also become rust over time with moisture. There are less options of design styles and colors available as French doors.

These are few commonly used options for French doors, but fiberglass remains as a top priority as an indoor glass French door.

Indoor Glass French Doors

Final Words

Indoor glass French doors is a style that has been an evergreen option for interior designers and architects. French doors have their advantages when it comes to aesthetics and functionality.

French doors are easily available online in different styles, and designs. You can make your choice out of the standard sizes and colors. If you are planning to renovate your house, installing French doors can increase the home value by a considerable margin.

Hunt for various French door options online or contact a store near you and try installing French doors for a great experience in style and functionality.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi