Should I Paint Ceiling White [Answered]

Should I paint ceiling white? the answer is it depends entirely on you. Ceilings generally are painted white for a reason. Interior designers as a rule of thumb have been painting ceilings white. In general ceilings are either painted white or a shade darker than the color of walls. If you are painting the room ceiling in white color than you can paint the walls in darker tones of any color.

Interior designers use different themes and styles to decorate rooms. They paint walls and the ceiling according the theme. But with everything becoming modern these days, designers do experiment with ideas. They have started painting walls and ceilings in a different color. People always love change, for them ceilings being painted in darker color is a pleasant change.

A lot these days depend on the types of lights and its dramatic effects. The use of lights can have a strong impact on the color of the ceilings. Interior designers use box and drop down ceilings. This gives them the liberty to paint the inner or outer false ceilings in different color.

Painting your ceilings in black color is turning out to be a liked practiced. But only in a few rooms for the dramatic impact and ambiance.

Here are the three main reason to paint your ceiling white:

  • White ceilings help you to draw focus to the walls and other decor in the room.
  • White painted ceilings reflects light better making the room look brighter.
  • Ceilings painted white help the room to look taller.

Should you always paint your ceiling white?

The simple answer is no. You can experiment with your space and can paint ceilings in a bold color. The only thing you should consider while painting ceiling in darker color is that it blends well. It must hold the entire room together and unit all the elements of design.

Bold colors like black, grey and maroon are trendy and people use them in their living rooms, bath rooms, kitchen and bed rooms. a lot depends on your architectural style. Modern architecture allows you to play with bold and different color ceilings than the walls.

If you are painting your ceilings in dark color than white color ceiling acts as a neutral color which keeps room united and look artistic. It balances out the eyes leaving an overall smooth feel. Luxury properties on listings have many rooms painted in bold colors, it is turning out to be a popular trend. The evergreen whites have their own place when it comes to painting ceilings.

Written By Adil Masood