How To Use Rugs in Bedroom The Right Way

How to use rugs in bedroom is what most of people search for. They get confused in making the right choices of selecting rugs and placing them in bedroom. This article will guide you in getting informed on placement of rugs in bedroom Interior designers have a tough but interesting job of decorating house. Even if you are renovating decor yourself the whole exercise sounds interesting. The fun part is when you ask yourself lot of questions about making decorating decisions. Among such questions most common is how to place rugs in bedroom?

Covering floors is a crucial part of design process. Many of us get stuck making such decisions. You may find a number of options in market to cover your bedroom floor. A lot depends on the flooring laid in your bedroom. I mean wooden floors, marble floors or wall to wall carpet.

As a rule of thumb rug in bedroom are laid in front of bed foot rest. But in many cases people also select a bigger rug size and place it under the bed with rugs edges extending out of beds width and length.

How to use rug in bedroom also depends on rooms size. if your bedroom is smaller you have lesser options and can only through one larger piece of rug under bed. For a smaller bedroom you can go wooden flooring and through bigger rug under bed.

how to use rugs in bedroom

How to Use Rugs in Bedroom I Bedroom Rug Ideas

Before I suggest a few ways you can through rugs on bedroom floor here is little consideration to which you will need to think about.  And that is the bedroom size and the type of main flooring in your bedroom.

Rugs of various sizes can be adjusted in your bedroom. For an average bedroom size you maybe needing one larger and one smaller rug. We just do not want get overwhelmed on how to use rugs in bedroom and completely over do it.

where to place rug in bedroom

  • At the bed foot
  • Under the bed (Tip: Always place 3 quarter of rug under your bed)
  • Under the night stand
  • On the bed sides
  • In a passage way leading to bathroom / dressing room

These are the key areas where you can place bedroom rugs. Along with the placement of rugs on the bedroom floor here are a little concerns people have in mind.

What size area rug should go under a king size bed?

The ideal size of area rug that you can select to put under bed is 9×12. This size will extend rug at least 12 inches from each side of the bed.

Is it awkward to put a rug on carpet?

You can use a rug over the carpet if it is a plain carper. All you have to do is avoid pattern on carpet . Select a plain carpet that has a low pile so that area rugs could look attractive. But if done right rugs can be put on carpets. Low pile carpets will increase the rug grip.

What type of rug is best for bedroom?

The simple answer is wool rug, as they can provide a cozy and warmth feel to your bedroom. Above everything else wool rugs give a luxury look to the bedroom environment.

How big are bedroom rugs?

Bedroom rugs size range is 3’x5′, 5’x8′, 8’x10′, 9’x12′ and 12’x15′. Which one of them to use depends on your bedroom size.

Rugs on bedroom floors are a popular way of decorating. There are a number of color, texture and size choices available in the market. You can do the space planning of your bedrooms making sure the rugs are used in the right places. Try experimenting with the rug placement in your bedroom and have fun.

Final Thoughts

Rugs are known to bring in warmth and coziness in rooms. Bedroom is supposed to a cozy and relaxing place. Area rugs can be used in many ways in bedroom, since rugs are available in different sizes so you can make choices easily. 

Try experimenting with the rug placement in your bedroom and have fun.

Written By: Adil Masood Qazi