How To Choose Perfect Accent Color in Interior Design [Solved]

How to choose accent color in interior design refer to as selecting the supporting and enhancing colors in a color scheme.
They can be vibrant and soft depending on the over all look and mood of the room decor.

How to choose accent color in interior design depends on many factor, like theme or style of decorating or the requirement of client.

Color perhaps is the first thing that catches the eye or attracts people’s attention.

Interior design is a rapidly growing field with creative concepts.
Every now and then interior designers experiment with unique ideas to stand different from the competition.
Evaluating trends experimenting with ambiance creation, and incorporating out-of-the-box ideas all make the interior design industry interesting.
In this article I will try to explore everything an interior designer needs to know about environment enhancing colors.

How to Choose Accent Colors in Interior Design: Explained

I know colour is a deep subject. I have worked with accent colors in my projects.

The art of understanding colors and then applying them masterfully require experience and exposure.

Every surface in an interior space has a colour of its own. In simplest of words, colour is the property of an object which can be described in terms of lightness, saturation, or hue.

Enhancing colors are the supportive colors that emphasize the main color scheme of the room.
Typically accent colors are contrasting darker in tone colors. Their rich contrasting and vibrant tones bring life to interior spaces.
Some of the good accent colors include:
Blue – Redbrick – Green – Gray – Black – Brown – Pink – White etc.

Accent colors can be used in a variety of ways in different products.

From furniture polish, wall paint, cushions, wall art to anything that is a part of interior design.

As a rule of thumb, the percentage of enhancing colour should be 10% in a room.

Accent colors are used to enhance certain features in the room, therefore they are used in minimum ratio.

Interior designers use accent colors for highlighting feature walls, curtains, upholstery fabrics, decorating accessories, wall art and paintings.
To me using accent colors is just to make a contrast that elevates the room space.
The appropriate color to choose as an accent colour will follow the room main color scheme.
how to choose accent color

How to Choose the Right Accent Color?

There is no set formula to pick accent colors for interiors. Generally to enhance such a color interior designers follow the mentioned techniques.
1: Use contemporary solid colors instead of tonal and gradient colors.
Doing this can make this colour pop out from the rest colour scheme.
2: You can use monochromatic colors in different accessories as enhancing colour.
These two techniques can enhance the interior design environment by using a different stand out color.
The perfect way of adding an accent colour is to start small.
Start by using accent colors in small areas and items. The perfect example would be using yellow as an accent colour in a blue dominant color room.

Do you really need an accent colour?

Well, it all depends on the theme style and how you want to create an ambience. But despite all these things, adding a different color bring in new life, interest and statement to any room.
Interior designers use stand out color in different accessories and walls to capture the interest of residents.
Accent colors bring in-depth and balance for creating a perfect living environment.
Accent colors can really enhance the looks of residential and commercial projects.
Many brands worldwide use their chosen colors as elevating or enhancing colors while branding through interior design.
You can start by using variations of enhancing colors in different objects from cushions, book rack, furniture to an art piece.
The core purpose of using a different color is to draw the eye attention to a certain setting in the room.
A variation of different enhancing colors can be used in a room.
This needs to be done masterfully making sure the rhythm of the room is not disturbed.
You can use similar shades of color as accent colors in different objects.

How To Choose An Accent Wall Color

Accent walls are generally created to get attention or focus wall in the room. There are many ways interior designers creatively design these walls.

Choosing an accent color for such walls must be carefully planned. Accent walls are normally painted in neutral colors like gray or beige.

You can select a monochromatic color that make a contrast with other wall color.

The first wall you notice when you walk into a room is the best accent wall to design.

It’s crucial not to go overboard with one color. When painting or decorating a room, use the 60-30-10 rule: 60% should be a neutral hue, 30% should be a secondary colour, and 10% should be an accent colour.

Consider the atmosphere you want to create as well as the function of your space.

It is very important for choosing an accent wall color. Accent wall color combination can be picked by using pantone color book easily.

There is a lot more to accent walls than just wall color.

A gallery of images or artwork, or even a fabric-draped wall, might be used as an accent wall.

Even if you’re keeping your room neutral, an accent wall is still a good idea.

Accent walls can be painted in either a neutral or a bold colour.

Consider the colour scheme on the rest of your walls.

The majority of accent walls appear best when they are next to light to medium-colored walls.

Accent walls in an all-white space are beautiful but difficult to achieve.

The strong contrast of a vibrant accent wall against white walls can appear quite modern.

How to Choose Accent Colors – Final Words

Accent colors are an important part of interior design. Colors attract the attention of an eye in any living space.

Interior designers choose colors to bring life into interior environments.

I have seen interior designers using many different ways of incorporating enhancing colors in objects.

You can make a checklist of places you want to highlight by using a different colour.

If you are trying to redecorate your rooms, different enhancing color can help you in creating an ambiance.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi

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