What is Good Quality Industrial Design? Explained

What is good industrial design? Well, the answer is pretty simple a good industrial design fulfills functionality and aesthetic requirements of users. experiences. Industrial design definition refers to the designing of products/objects/devices, we use in our daily lives. Industrial design is also called as commercial design.

These products have been based on needs, luxury, entertainment, information, medical, and sports, etc.

What is good industrial design

What is Good Industrial Design?

Industrial design includes everything we use daily. From furniture to automobiles and home appliances, industrial design covers whatever the customer demand. You just can not escape products, they are everywhere in different forms, you and I use them daily.

What are examples of industrial design?

Different types of commercial design fulfill our needs daily. A variety of mass manufactured items fall in the category of industrial design. Below is a short list of commercial design items to give you an idea.
Modern Wheel Chair

Here is a small list of industrial design examples:

1: Coke Bottle
2: Cars eg. Mini Cooper
3: Scooter
4: Camera
5: Rocking Chair
6: Wheel Chair
7: Vacuum Cleaner
9: Watches
10: Mobile Phones
11: Knives
Some products you love to acquire and some you reject, based on certain parameters or attributes.
A good industrial design fulfills the aesthetics and functional attributes attached to a product.
Functional and aesthetic qualities of the products are the two key attributes along with many tiny, but equally important attributes attached to them.
In this article, we will explore how aesthetics and functionality make a great design.
As they say first impression is the last impression. We buy and use products daily. Somewhere our decision to buy any product depends on the how attractive and convincing marketing of the product is.
Good marketing/advertising makes you buy products you have never used before.
industrial design products

Let’s dive in and explore how aesthetic and functional attributes make any industrial design great.

Aesthetics generally refers to the set principles that define beauty. We all appreciate the beauty and want to keep the things that have it.
Beauty in industrial products is very important and can be achieved in a number of ways. Visual aesthetics is the key to a good commercial design.
Colors are one of the first things that we see and notice in a product or its packaging. Color psychologically affects people in various ways. Colors yet make products stand out and aesthetically appeal to people. From brand awareness to adding value to the overall look of the product color turns out to be the primary aesthetic factor.
Color match and vary with product nature and shape. From bigger industrial design to the tiniest color adds an extra touch of class and Attractiveness. Color, without a doubt, is one of the important attributes when answering what is good industrial design.
The shape is also a contributing factor towards the aesthetics of products.
Shapes generally follow the functional requirement of the product. Manufacturers and brands pay special attention to the shape. Delicate shapes get more attraction from people in comparison to bulky and heavy shapes.
From product to packaging shape matters. Industrial product shapes and packaging reflect the quality.
Interior Environment

The shape adds esthetics to the look of the product along with functionality. Creative and organic shapes attract people, therefore they play their part in making a good industrial design.

Scale / Size in defining aesthetic values is extremely important. Scale or size is relevant to the function of the object or item. Designers make sure the size of the items/objects remains compact to provide an optimum user experience.
The texture is another quality of aesthetics. Objects or an item’s surface appearance are important and affect the quality of a good industrial design.
These are just a few of the elements which collectively or individually drive the shape of aesthetics.
Aesthetics as an attribute to what is good industrial design is essential.


Functionality is the major attribute for making a good industrial design. Functionality is what serves the user experience of the product.
Functionality is the key purpose to buy any product. The purpose of developing industrial design products is to provide value to the customers.
Here are a few factors that affect the functionality of the product.
Customer Requirement is the very upfront factor that may affect an industrial design to be a good or bad design.
The first benchmark of any good industrial design is to meet the requirement of the end-use. Some products even fulfill multitasks requirements to satisfy consumer needs.
Every item is designed to perform a specific function. It is the fulfillment of the requirement that is needed primarily as an essential attribute.
Operational facilitation of the product is another factor in defining what is good industrial design.
Every product depending upon its nature of use, and product category relies on certain operating functions, eg on and off switches.
The way these operational switches or elements are designed makes a difference between a good or bad industrial design.
Materials are another contributing factor for a good commercial design. Materials improve the life and functional facilitation of any product.
Different materials with their unique characteristics also help in the operational processes. Modern and lightweight material improves the functionality part of objects and items.
Operational processes are another crucial factor that defines a good commercial design.
These are the processes that operate according to the requirement of the end-user.
A good example could the speed of a mobile phone. The operational process may be enhanced by inserting a chip.
The life cycle of the product also drives the functionality of the product to the optimum to a minimum.
Many small attributes yet again contribute to the overall process of making a quality life cycle of an object.

What makes the industrial design unique?

There are a lot of factors that make the commercial design unique collectively. But the two main factors that make a good commercial design are its aesthetics and functionality.
The more attractive and beautiful the design is along with user-friendly experience in functionality.

Final Words – What is Good Industrial Design

Design is an essential part of your daily life. It has evolved with technology and the need of people. We buy and use the design products that fit our needs and requirement.
In this global age, access to different industrial products is easy.
How effectively the product is marketed also counts in not driving sales, but in making any industrial product good.
The aesthetics and functionality of the product design products at the end make a difference.
Quality commercial design can now be understood pretty well based on these two attributes.

Written By: Adil Qazi

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