Canvas Painting in Bathroom Should You Hang Them?

Canvas painting in bathroom is a what most interior designer use to beautify. Beautiful home decor ideas fascinate every one of us. We think about decorating home with unique and creative ideas. Hanging painting canvases for bathroom can be a unique and interesting idea. It is an essential home decorating accessory.

Canvas Painting in Bathroom

Should you go for canvas painting in bathroom? Well, the answer is yes, but if you do it the right way. You can hang acrylic and oil canvas painting in bathroom. In general, its fine to exhibit your canvas prints in the bathroom, but you should avoid placing them too close to the source of humidity.
A lot of painting lovers also like to hang abstract canvas oil painting in bathroom. This article can help them answer any concerns.
Yes! you can hang canvas paintings in the bathroom, and its not a new idea. But it works well if done right. This article will dig into how this can be done smartly, making paintings in bathroom to sustain without damage for a good number of years.

Unless you renovate and decorate it sooner.
Tip: Acrylic Prints and canvas paintings, are designed to withstand harsh conditions.
So let’s answer a few questions so that next time you are sure about hanging canvas paintings in your bathroom.
Paintings are in general a good way of decorating spaces. The bathroom is the area where canvas painting is avoided due to many reasons.
Before jumping into details first things first, canvases are painting either with oil colors or acrylic colors. Both by nature are water-resistant paints.
Canvas painting surfaces are the least area to be worried about if hung in bathrooms.
It is the wooden frame to worry about over which the canvas is stretched. All these concerns are discussed below to make sure you know all the answers
But, it does not mean painting enthusiasts can not hang painting in bathroom.
There are a number of factors to consider before you are sure to hang paintings in the bathroom.

Here is a shortlist to consider before hanging canvas painting in bathroom:

The Canvas Painting Surface Treatment

Canvas paintings are painted with oil paints or acrylic paints.
Both these paints are water-resistant so they can face the humid bathroom atmosphere.
To make sure they are further safe from accidental direct water contact or humidity (Water Vapors) you can use waterproof sprays or protective varnish on them.

Hang a Replica Canvas Painting in Bathroom

It is always wise to hang replica canvas painting in your bathroom.
The painting can accidentally come in direct contact with water, so better not risk the original.

Go for Small Size Canvas Paintings

You can select the size of the canvas painting according to the size of the bathroom.
It is always a good idea to go after a small canvas painting and make a set.
You can use the set of canvas paintings from 8″x8″ to 12″x12″ for the wall display.
But if your bathroom has a reasonably good size you can choose a bigger size for canvas painting.

The Right Wall to Hang Painting

Well, you would never want to hang your canvas painting in the room close to the area.
It will be appropriate to hang the canvas painting on the wall opposite the shower area.
The best place to hang canvas painting is above the toilet seat. A single painting or a set of paintings will look good above the toilet seat.
This shortlists of important points can help you know all about hanging canvas painting in bathroom.

Proper Ventilation

Windows in bathrooms are kept with the purpose of ventilation. If you have painting in bathroom it will be good to let fresh air come infrequently.
The humidity in the room is reduced and artwork life extends to more than normal.
Now let’s answer some of the common questions related to our topic.

Can oil paintings get wet?

Once the oil painting is finished and dried, it may get wet. But the good news is oil paints are water-resistant by nature.
If your oil painting surface is treated with varnish it is further saved from water damaging it in any way.

How high should you hang artwork?

As a rule paintings in bathroom or any other room should be hung 60″ above the floor. It is a very convenient height to see an art visual.
If the ceiling of the room is higher than the normal, the artwork can be hung higher than 60″ from the ground.

What kind of art can you hang in a bathroom?

Well, other than canvas paintings, you can hang photographs and sculpture pieces of various sizes on the walls.
All you have to be careful about is to keep the levels of the steam building to a minimum. This way you can increase your options of using more artwork.

How do you keep moisture out of a picture frame?

Picture frames can catch moisture easily. It can cause damage in the long run. Most of the time it causes the frame wood to turn.
If it is an iron frame it may get rusty over time.
To protect this you can attach rubber padding at the back of each four corners of the picture or painting frame.

How do you waterproof a canvas painting in bathroom?

To waterproof the wood of your frame, you can use a polyurethane sealer spry on it. It is a good idea to spray the wood before stretching the canvas on it.

Final words:

Canvas painting in bathroom can add visual pleasure. Hanging them the right way matters.
Bathrooms have humid and wet environment, so you need to follow certain factors to make sure your painting in bathroom stays safe.

Written By: Adil Masood Qazi

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