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The checklist for interior design planning will guide you about making a list of things from selecting a design theme or style, space planning requirements, color schemes, mood board to budget considerations. checklist for interior design planning helps in setting priorities of tasks and schedule them accordingly.

Interior design is the art of creating beautiful and at attractive living spaces that are functional. We all want comfortable and beautiful houses. 

Living in such a beautiful house where you can enjoy comfort, and an aesthetically beautiful ambiance can be a dream come true. 

So! if you are planning to do the interior of your home yourself then I am sure this blog post is just right for you.

Checklist for Interior Design Planning  [Guide]: Complete Interior Design Project Checklist For You To Follow

Checklist for Interior Design Planning

Before we begin let’s find out what is a checklist? 

According to Wikipedia, a checklist helps to make sure consistency and completeness in carrying certain out a task are flawless.

The checklist for interior works is required in order to accomplish a task.

 You can make a checklist for anything from a checklist of grocery items to a checklist of how to start planning the interior of your home. In general, a checklist is just making a list of things required to finish a project.

It will be easier now to explore our checklist of planning a home interior design project.checklist for interior design planning

Checklist for Interior Design Planning

The following checklist for interior design planning is in a certain order to make sure you understand and follow the right order to make a start. 
Let’s assume you are planning to do the interior designing yourself, in that case here is the interior design process checklist or a list of things to follow. 
  • Understand Your Design Process
  • Interior Design Theme Selection
  • Creating Mood Board
  • Space Planning Strategy
  • Preparing Purchasing List
  • Budget Considerations

 Understand Your Design Process 

Interior design can get tricky and you can mess up things if you are not clear on the design process. Professional interior designers are trained to follow the interior design process checklist, but you can achieve good results too.
Just make sure you make a list of things that have all the steps to follow and proceed stage-wise. If you are not sure about any stage do your research well. (You can find a relevant video on YouTube)
The general design process starts with getting an inspiration/theme selection which is our next step. The interior design theme is where everyone takes a start, yes! even the interior designers. 
You need to select the style of interior design you want to follow inside your house. 
 What are the phases of interior design? Make a List of Things:
Understanding the design process is important, It will guide you in the right direction of tasks that are involved in interior design. 

The interior design process checklist:

 1: Concept Building Phase
2: Strategic Design Development Phase
3: Design Execution Phase
Just follow these 3 key steps and you will stay right on track. 

Interior design Theme Selection

You need to understand and get inspired by an interior design style. 
This way you will be more focused on working on a planned list of things.
This book can really help you in choosing your style. check out!  “S Is for Style: The Schumacher Book of Decorationon Amazon. 
There are many ways for you to find what style you like. You can browse the internet for pictures of home interiors, browse online magazines, go through different interior design blogs, browse through Instagram interior design pages and make a folder to store your favorite pictures and interior design styles.
You can browse for more visual images of interior design styles. There you will find pictures of various styles from modern to traditional. 
Pinterest is a strong visual platform, and it has a lot of interior design-related pictures.
The list of things is similar to the interior design process checklist used by architects.
Some of the interior design themes / Styles are: 
  • Art Deco
  • Industrial Style
  • Contemporary Style 
  • Vintage Style
Creating mood board
Mood board contains images, colors, textures to reflect a certain style approach. 
Mood boards give you a clear picture of your theme, and also how you can further operate with the planning of interior design. 
What is a Mood board in interior design?
You can think mood board as a kind of collage of images of style, product designs like furniture and lighting, color schemes relating that particular style and textures in materials. 
You can make these mood boards manually or using digital software. The key point here for you is to be clear on how you will make your next move. 
Interior designers use mood boards to help clients visualize their ideas. 

What programs do interior designers use for mood boards?

Interior designers mostly use Adobe Illustrator to create mood boards. Adobe illustrator can easily be learned by watching YouTube videos.
Gomoodboard is a popular app for creating mood boards It is a click and drag app and very easy to use. 

Space Planning Strategy

Space planning needs special attention. Once you are done preparing mood boards, it’s time for planning furniture layouts for your rooms. 
Mostly space planning covers how you will place furniture and decorative pieces in your room.
Space planning will work differently for every room according to its requirements. You should at this stage make a furniture layout. There are a number of ways you can do this easily through online software.
Floorplanner ( the easiest tool you can use to make a plan. Using this tool you can make a home, garden, and office layouts.
The other free and easy room planner tool is Autodesk Homestyler, it creates floor plans using the drag and drop method.  

You can add decorating ideas too with this tool.

But don’t get carried away using these tools. You must remember you want to create a functional space. So while designing the layout you should make sure space is not clustered and has room for easy movement.

Preparing Purchasing List

The space planning stage makes your checklist for interior design planning very clear at this stage for your next move. You understand better now what is required and for which room.
You can easily make a list of items from furniture, curtains, tapestry, and decorating items required for each room. 
All the items you select will follow the mood board and theme you have created earlier.
Budget Considerations
This is the most crucial consideration when you are making a checklist for interior design planning. The good thing is you can get everything at good prices by visiting and exploring online options. 
But in a well-defined budget, you will make a list of things to consider like the fee of the interior designer (If you hire), Buying different items, and other expenses. Many brands offer products on sale and at affordable prices. 
You can order items you like without leaving your house. The important thing here to remember is everyone knows their budget restrictions. 
So while creating the interior design planning checklist budget is an obvious consideration all the time.
Interior design planning checklist in detail for every room can give you a very clear picture of what to consider and how to execute. 
To make things easier here is a master interior planning checklist:
Master Interior Design Planning Checklist
You can start making an interior design checklist for the living room by following this format. 

Wall Treatments Checklist

> Selection of wall paint (Brand – Color – Texture – Cost)
> Selection of wall cladding (Material –  Wallpaper – Wood – Lamination – Design – Cost)
> Selection of wall decor (Artwork – Size – Quantity – Cost) 

Floor Treatments Checklist

> Selection of flooring (Tile – Wooden Floor – Carpet – Rug – Design – Cost)

Furniture Plan Checklist

> Selection of furniture (Furniture Style & Brand – Quantity – Color – Material – Cost)
> Furniture Layout (Placement )
> Decorative Fixture and items placement according to plan and decor style
This master interior design key points to consider the checklist.

Checklist for interior design planning – Conclusion

Make a list of things or a checklist is an effective way to sort and prioritize tasks. The benefits of preparing a checklist can save you spending time and energy on useless tasks. 
So! if you are planning to renovate your home interior design, grab a notebook or your tablet and start making a checklist as mentioned above.

Written By: Adil Masood Qazi

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