What Does an Interior Designer Do on a Daily Basis?

what does an interior designer do on daily basis include making computer-aided drawings (CAD), client meetings, creating mood boards, developing new concepts, market, and site surveys, and a lot more which we will explore in this article.

The Interior design profession like any other profession demands continuous hard work and daily routine. A typical day of an interior designer is as tough as any other professional. 

What Does an Interior Designer Do on a Daily Basis – Typical day of an interior designer

What does an interior designer do on a daily basis depends on whether they are doing their own practice or doing a job. In both cases, they have slightly different daily routines.
Interior designers work on the diversified nature of tasks. Let’s explore how an interior designer’s daily routine looks like.
What Does an Interior Designer Do on a Daily Basis?

What Does an Interior Designer Do on a Daily Basis? The Real Job Description

Interior designers perform a number of tasks on a daily basis. The assigned task routine also depends upon the designation of the interior designer in any office. A typical day for an interior designer starts from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Senior and junior interior designers perform different tasks and duties daily. 

So, let’s answer:

What are the duties and responsibilities of an interior designer?

  • Client Meetings

Client meeting is an important part of a typical day of an interior designer routine. Interior designers conduct meetings with clients for ongoing projects to decide and inform the status of the projects.

For new clients, interior designers conduct meetings to discuss project scope and design briefs.
  • Working on Project Concepts

Interior designers are the key persons in the development of a design project. Interior designer’s daily schedule includes working on creating concepts for projects. 
Interior design project goes through many stages before reaching its finished form. Interior designers mostly work 9 to 5.
Creating interior design concepts through manual drawings as well as digital tools consumes a lot of their daily routine time.
  • Making Mood Boards

A typical day of an interior designer includes creating mood boards for the project. Interior designers make mood boards to give presentations to clients about their concepts feel and look. 
Mood boards are strong visual communication tools to help clients understand their projects.
  • Research

Research is always an important part of interior design projects. Thorough research is always required by interior designers at every stage of the project. 
If working in a studio or on-site research needs to be updated. This improves knowledge of the profession.
It is a routine task and exercise every interior designer daily performs. Not only to educate themselves but also to make their projects flawless. The daily research on many matters of interior project management is an essential part for interior designers and decorators.
  • Team Meetings

Interior designer’s daily work includes interaction with their design team members and project vendors. It is more or less like a brainstorming session to evaluate and discuss ongoing projects. 
Interior project management requires team meetings on regular basis. The daily routine of an interior designer is incomplete
  • Market tours

Interior design is a rapidly growing field and interior designers need to be well informed of what is happening in the market.
Interior designer routine task also includes finding of the latest materials available in the market. They visit the market to see what is new and how they can use it in their projects.
  • Site Survey

When the project is running, interior designers’ daily routine includes visiting their project sites. They check a number of things on their visit to make sure their concepts are well built by different vendors.

how many hours do interior designers work a day

  • How many hours do interior designers work a day?
Interior designers work daily for 8 hours, 9 to 5. These working hours include a number of responsibilities as a matter of daily routine. Generally around the world, the interior design job market requires 8 hours of daily work.
Interior designers have different specialized areas for working. These specialized areas of interior design require different focused daily activities. 
Here are the specialized areas for interior designers and attached with them interior designers typical daily activities:

Corporate designers

Corporate interior designers’ workplaces may include small offices to large corporate sector workplaces like brands and big architectural/interior design firms with an international presence.
Interior designers daily task in such kind of corporate design environment depends on their daily schedule of duties defined by their bosses.
These daily duties may revolve around all the tasks mentioned above from client meetings to confined studio-based working.
Studio-based tasks and duties may range from designing concepts, drawing sketches, and drafting blueprints to make mood and sample boards, and even client presentations.

Healthcare interior designers

Healthcare interior designers are focused on designing environments for everything relating to hospitals, clinics, senior citizen homes to health care vicinities and residencies. 
Interior designers specializing in healthcare interior design activities are more inclined towards safety and healthcare research. 
They study new materials and concepts that can facilitate creating comfortable and practical environments for health.
The daily activities and tasks of interior designers revolve around studying and experimenting with concepts and materials that can make the healthcare sector universally acceptable and workable.

Kitchen and Bath interior designers

Many interior designers select kitchen and bath interior design as their area of specialization. Their daily task is also more concerned with studying the latest development in materials and concepts related to kitchens and baths. 
They explore the latest research in these two areas, make 3d models and presentations to sell their ideas.
These are some of the specialized areas interior designers focus on as their career paths and perform various tasks around them. 
Before we conclude a very commonly asked question, but an important one needs to be answered and that is:
Is Interior Design a desk job?
Well, interior designers need to be versatile with their research, concepts, or idea generation and execution. 
It is very important for them to sit on their desks and make idea drawings manually or on a computer. But, at the same time, they need to do market research on so many things. 
This research demands them to leave their desk.
They also need to go visit their sites to inspect the project progress. It is therefore very important to understand that it is a desk and fieldwork both at the same time.

 What Does an Interior Designer Do on a Daily Basis – The Final Wrap Up

What interior designers do on a daily basis depends on the nature of ongoing projects and what general tasks they are assigned to perform. Every office has its own list of studio and field tasks that they ask an interior designer to perform.  
Working as an interior design consultant, working for an interior design firm, or doing interior design freelancing projects does only make the mentioned tasks vary slightly.
The above-mentioned list includes tasks required to be performed on daily basis or whenever the need arises.
Written By: Adil Masood Qazi

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