The Secrets To Branding Through Interior Design

Branding through interior design is an interesting concept of creating interior environments that reflects the vision of individuals, and companies. Branding is targeted to promote and advertise the products or services of the company. The concept of interior design branding is not new. The chapters of history are filled with individuals and companies projecting themselves through branding interior spaces.

branding through interior design 

What is branding? can be explained as the art of marketing by using certain names, colors, signs, symbols, etc. as identifiers of businesses or individuals. 

Interior design on the other hand is an art and science of creating aesthetically functional spaces. Branding is what separates and draws a line between you and your competitors.

Branding interiors speak about the language of the feel which reflects the company’s mission and concepts towards their products or services. This approach requires an interior design branding strategy.

Branding Through Interior Design

branding through interior design

 Branding through interior design is all about designing interior ambiance which reflects what the company or an individual as a brand is all about. Branding is a vital part of any business, it makes your identity among your competitors. 
Interior design branding is a unique user experience as it involves the emotions and attachment of people with their favorite interior brands. 

Here are a few ways of branding through interior design strategies and ideas for identifying styling elements for company branding image:

  • Projection of identity through the use of particular color
  • Through a particular shape, sign, or symbol
  • Creating an ambiance that reflects the vision and concept of the company or an individual
  • By using certain materials, lighting, and furniture in the interior design environment
  • Integrating the audience taste in interior design spaces
  • Branding through the reflection of the company objectives
  • Smartly displaying slogans or tag lines in the interior environment

Branding through interior design by using color, Patterns, shapes, signs, symbols, and slogans 

The art of branding is a tricky business and requires certain interior design branding ideas. Understanding the vision and mission of the company and then preparing an eye catchy set of identifying and relatable elements is essential for branding interior spaces.
Color, shapes, signs, symbols, and slogans are the key elements that can relate to a product or a service in building an interior design brand identity. 
Making such elements as part of design activities for branding is what every designer targets. 
Interior designers creating relatable and memorable environments for a particular brand use all these elements smartly.
Once any color, shape, sign, or slogan becomes the recognizing and memorable elements for a product or service it becomes stuck in people’s memories as the brand image.
 For picking a color or selecting a shape to identify the brand you must research to find if they could communicate with people as brand identifiers. 
There are a number of personality traits that brand image relates/resonate with like:
  • Approachable
  • Calm
  • Fresh 
  • Formal
  • Creative
  • Elegant
  • Modern 
  • Sleek
You will have to focus on what your brand personality is and then choose color, shape, or design a certain symbol as a strong brand element.
Once you decide the color or texture which can reflect the personality of your brand then you develop an interior design environment accordingly.
Interior designers normally build interior environments by using 60% of the selected color as a brand identity. They try and make interior design focus on the brand color of the company so that people can make a connection or a relationship.
There is no set formula but generally branding through interior design is done by using 1 core color with few neutral shades. The color or shape can be used in interior walls, ceiling, or on the floor.

Branding through interior design by using certain materials and furniture

A company’s vision and personality make it easier to decide many brand-related decisions. The interior design environment includes key features like furniture and various materials for ambiance creation aligned with the company’s brand image. 

A futuristic products-based company for example will use high-tech glossy materials as well as furniture in the interior environment. 
Branding through interior design using such materials, and furniture would increase the association of audience/clients with it. Everything collectively matters in creating the bigger image of the company.
Lighting also plays its role in creating a dramatic interior environment many brands take advantage of certain color lights to resonate with the brand theme.
Many product brands and, services providing companies design their interior spaces to promote and advertise their brand. Interior design has become an effective way of conveying corporate identity. The use of materials and furniture items plays a key role in this regard.

Branding through interior design environments

Many companies create their vision and personality and then market it smartly through branding. A very good example of this is branding through interior design for houses.
Around the world, a lot of real estate companies have developed their company personality and image through branding. They use certain colors, textures, and forms to build their houses or properties. This is a very good example of interior design strengthening their brand.
The real estate businessmen transform their real estate projects based on their brand personality and promote them.
Branding through interior design, in short, is the art and science of promoting and advertising the company brand philosophy through building interior design environments.
A lot of interior designers are specializing in this approach to increase business and help companies promote their brand image.

Why do you need to pair your brand with interior design?

Branding concepts work in many ways for businesses in modern times. Branding nowadays is just not confined to the logo, color, magazine ad, and a catchy slogan or a tagline.
Companies have realized branding has more dimensions for them to capture other than the conventional techniques and tricks.
The brand identity image must be reflected in all aspects of business and especially the working spaces or architectural space of the company.
Many popular brands like Starbucks reflect their character of the neighborhood in the interior moods so that people can connect to the brand.
Expanding your brand into your interior space help customers to realize your identity as a brand and their connection to you.
Pairing branding and interior design can be achieved by creating mood boards that reflect your brand theme and then creating floor plans which reflect the same mood and ambiance.
Pairing brand and interior design create a strong bond between the customers and the business identity. Companies around the world are developing unique and creative business strategies when it comes to branding through interior design.
According to Branding through interior design presents a company’s identity, values, and culture. For clients, these qualities hold value and make them stay loyal to the brand.
Written by: Adil Masood Qazi

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