Interior Design Concept Statement – How to Write it Like a Pro

how to write an interior design concept statement

How to write an interior design concept statement is the most important communication skill. Every interior designers should possess it. The success of the project depends upon how well you understand and write the interior design concept statement.

How to write an interior design concept statement explains the inspirations and theme the project is based on. You need to write a few detailed sentences explaining your inspiration and style or theme you will work on for the project. 

The interior design project statement makes it clear and easy for clients to understand how interior designers will create functional spaces and an attractive ambiance for the spaces. 

Interior design projects follow a certain series of steps for the accomplishment of projects. Every residential and commercial interior design project needs to fulfill requirements.  

Interior designers build the project for their clients starting with a clear understanding of the client’s needs. Designers write the interior design concept statement explaining their approach towards the building of the project. 

They write about the themes the room will be decorated on. A lot of creative writing skills will be involved to make sure the clients understand everything about the project look. Let’s dig into all the factors which lead interior designers on how to write an interior design concept statement:

How To Write An Interior Design Statement

Interior designers start their projects by understanding what they need to do to make sure their clients become happy. 
Here is the list of steps they follow for proposing an influential interior design concept statement.

1. Understanding the Client’s Requirements

The requirements of the client also known as the client’s brief are the first thing needed to kick start the project. In the first few client meetings, the client explains what he wants his project to be like. 
The client explains his likings and dislikes to the interior designer. They both make sure that at this important stage they mutually agree on the requirements and working of the project.
The client brief also explains to interior designers the client’s budget constraints and limits. How much the client can spend on the project will help interior designers on how to write interior design concept statement. 
Interior design Concept statements generally discuss the way interior designer visualizes the project.
How To Write An Interior Design Concept Statement
Here are a few types of requirements clients are concerned with:
a. Type of color schemes they like.  
b. Idea of overall decor they have in mind for a different room.
c. Their liking and disliking for a certain type of furniture.
d. Creating more functional spaces.
These are a few of the concerns which clients discuss with interior designers helping them to conceive the interior project and write a clear interior design concept statement.

2. Getting Inspirations 

The second important consideration in creating an understandable and effective interior design concept statement is finding inspiration. 
Every interior design project is created on inspirations that interior designers get through various sources. Interior design inspirations are the only fascinating factor in writing an influential interior design concept. 
Interior designer gets their inspirations from various sources:
1: Nature
2: Studying Previous Similar Projects
3: Historic Time Periods
How to write an interior design concept statement includes inspirations as a very important part on which the project is built. 
Interior designers keeping in mind all the project specifications and material usage possibilities visualizing the complete project with all the details.
They think about small details from color schemes, textiles, and furniture styles so that everything blends well with their chosen interior design theme.
This is the phase that guides interior designers to write about interior design concept ideas and how they will approach the project for creating functional spaces with attractive ambiance. 
How To Write An Interior Design Concept Statement

How To Write An Interior Design Statement Sections

  • Description of the interior design project
  • Proposed style and theme
  • Unique solutions in creating functional spaces and creating ambiance
All these mentioned sections of the interior design concept statement covey the client each and every detail interior designer has visualized.
The concept for the interior design project explains the challenges in the project and how the interior design will masterfully address them in a creative and unique style. 
Written by: Adil Masood Qazi

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